Honorary President's Statement


A vision for energy and the environment

The number of people in the world and the amount of energy used by each individual are both increasing remorselessly. Although we may slow the rate of increase of energy usage by more efficient use and reduced wastage, we cannot stop it.

Furthermore, meeting even the world’s present energy needs, let alone those of future generations, is having disastrous consequences for the environment. Clearly, in the future we must do things differently, perhaps using energy sources such as renewables, or sources we have not yet found ways of harnessing. In the mean time we have little alternative but to continue burning fossil fuels. And while we do so it is essential we cause as little environmental damage as possible.

Achieving this demands the capture of greenhouse gases where they are generated and not discharging them to the atmosphere. Once captured, they must then be stored securely for many thousands of years. This process is known as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

Industry has already taken great steps in developing technologies to ensure CCS can be a safe and effective avenue towards reconciling energy and environmental needs. It is essential that this process should command full public confidence.

The Carbon Capture and Storage Association, of which I am President, was created to bring together companies with the skills and resources to develop CCS projects – and to work with Government to ensure those projects are designed, executed and verified to meet the needs of the society they serve.

This website will help ensure the potential of CCS is fully appreciated by environmental and energy and policy makers, so that real projects will soon demonstrate the environmental and business opportunities that CCS can deliver.

Ron Oxburgh

LORD OXBURGH is a graduate of the Universities of Oxford and Princeton, and taught geology and geophysics at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. In Cambridge he was Head of the Department of Earth Sciences, and he has also worked in the Universities of Cornell, Stanford and Caltech. He is former Chairman of Shell Transport & Trading and chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology.


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