Reports and publications


November 2016

Global CCS Institute Publishes Global Status of CCS: 2016 Summary Report

The Global CCS Institute (GCCSI) published their annual flagship Global Status of CCS: 2016 Summary Report on the 15th November. This report estimates that by early 2017, there will be 18 large-scale CCS projects in operation around the world - rising to 21 by the end of that year. 

IEA Publishes "20 Years of Carbon Capture and Storage" Report

The International Energy Agency (IEA) published a report on the 15th November entitled "20 Years of Carbon Capture and Storage - Accelerating Future Deployment". The report looks at the Sleipner project in Norway which has successfully been operating for 20 years. The report also shows "how much further and faster we need to go to keep CCS on track to meet climate goals".

May 2016

ETI Publishes Report on Reducing the Cost of CCS

The Energy Technologies Institute has published an insights report on 'Reducing the Cost of CCS - Developments in Capture Plant Technology'. The report concludes that "A sequential, co-located series of deployments in the UK using existing technology can reduce initial CCS “demonstration” costs by up to 45%".

ETI Publishes Report on UK CCS Storage Appraisal Project

The ETI published a report on the 12th May on the outcomes from the UK CCS Storage Appraisal project. The 12 month project was carried out by Pale Blue Dot Energy, Axis Well Technology and Costain and the project confirms that there are no major technical hurdles to storing CO2 offshore deep under the North Sea.

POSTnote on Carbon Footprint of Heat Generation

On the 3rd May, the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) published a POSTnote on the Carbon Footprint of Heat Generation. This POSTnote looks at a number of different technologies for reducing emissions in domestic and industrial heating, and in a number of cases, CCS is found to have the lowest carbon footprint compared with other options.

March 2016

SCCS Conference 2015 Report

The Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage centre published a report on the 23rd March, summarising their 2015 conference. The report also presents the UK's unique set of CCS assets including the North Sea CO2 storage asset, a skilled oil and gas workforce and a significant research and development community.

February 2016

Crown Estate Report on Commercial Models for CO2 Storage

The Crown Estate published a report in February looking at different commercial models for CO2 storage. The report "A need unsatisfied - Blueprint for enabling investment in CO2 storage" was written by Deloitte and recommends a number of actions for the UK Government. 

Energy and Climate Change Committee Report on CCS

The Energy and Climate Change Committee have published a report into the "Future of carbon capture and storage in the UK". This report follows the one-off evidence session which was held on the 20th January.




November 2015

ZEP Reports on CCS for Power and Industry - Modelling the lowest-cost route to decarbonising Europe

The European Zero Emission Platform (ZEP) has published two reports on modelling CCS in the power sector and CCS for industry. The calculations used in these reports is based on an existing model from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and linked to the Global Change Assessment Model (GCAM).


September 2015

ZEP Executable Plan for CCS in Europe

The European Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP) has published the Executable Plan for enabling CCS in Europe. The Plan describes how the Commission can effectively and rapidly aid wide uptake of CCS in Europe and includes a 5-point CCS Action Plan.


March 2015

Energy Technologies Institute report: Building the UK carbon capture and storage sector by 2030 - Scenarios and actions

The ETI’s work has shown that a successful UK CarbonCapture and Storage (CCS) sector could save tens ofbillions of pounds (something like 1% of GDP) fromthe annual costs of low carbon energy by the 2040s:a huge potential saving by any standards. Apart fromproviding low carbon electricity, CCS can captureindustrial emissions, help deliver low carbon gasand deliver ‘negative emissions’ in combination with Bioenergy.




November 2014

Annual Energy Statement

On 6 November the Department for Energy and Climate Change publishes the Annual Energy Statement which sets out the government's progress against its energy policy priorities over this Parliament. 


GCCSI Publishes 2014 Global Status of CCS Report

The Global CCS Institute have today launched the 2014 Global Status of CCS report. This report summarises the current status of CCS projects worldwide and concludes that there are now 21 CCS projects in operation or construction around the world.


The Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change Publish 'Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report'

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published its‘Climate Change 2014: Synthesis Report’ in which CCS was identified as the essentiallow?carbon technology needed to help cost?effectively decarbonise the global powersector. The report found that without CCS the total cost of limiting CO2 emissionscould increase by 138%.


September 2014

Carbon capture and storage: Government Response to the Committee's Ninth Report of Session 2013-14

On 21 May 2014 the Energy and Climate Change Committee published its Ninth Report of Session 2013-14, Carbon capture and storage. On 15 August the Committee received the Government's response to the Report. 


August 2014

DECC Publishes Next Steps in CSS: Policy Scoping Document

The “Next Steps in CCS: Policy Scoping Document” sets out the Government’s intention to continue engagement with the CCS industry. The document invites views and evidence by 23 October 2014.

June 2014

Element Energy Publishes Report on CCS Clusters

Element Energy have published a CCS Hub Study for Scotland and the Central North Sea. Partners in the study include SCCS, AMEC and Dundas Consultants and was developed on behalf of Scottish Enterprise. The study concludes that all the components are in place for Scotland to become a CCS hub, and that supporting CCS infrastructure alone could add up to £7 billion of GVA to the Scottish Economy up to 2050.

May 2014

Energy and Climate Change Committee Publishes CCS Report

The Energy and Climate Change Committee have published the report of their Inquiry into CCS. The report examines the progress of CCS in the UK and makes a number of recommendations on how to speed up CCS deployment.

DECC & BiS Publishes Techno-Economic Study on Industrial CCS

The Department of Energy and Climate Change together with the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills have published a techno-economic study into Industrial CCS. The report looks at a number of industrial sectors such as iron and steel, cement, chemicals and oil refining. The report concludes that Mature industrial CCS projects could be operational by 2020-2025.

February 2014

GCCSI Publishes 2014 Global Status of CCS Report

The Global CCS Institute have today launched the 2014 Global Status of CCS report. This report summarises the current status of CCS projects worldwide and concludes that there are now 21 CCS projects in operation or construction around the world.

January 2014

APGTF Publishes 2014 CCS Technology Strategy

The Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum has published its updated CCS Technology Strategy for 2014. The Strategy includes a number of recommendations for CCS Research and Development as well as a comprehensive list of CCS research projects that are currently taking place.


December 2013

CSLF Publishes 2013 CCS Roadmap

The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum has published its "2013 Carbon Sequestration Technology Roadmap", an update on its annual Roadmap which was last published in 2011. The 2013 Roadmap includes a number of conclusions, such as the need to develop second and third generation capture technologies, identify and implement CO2 capture in industrial applications and establish CO2 collection/distribution hubs or clusters.

November 2013

SCCS Publishes Report on "Unlocking North Sea CO2 Storage for Europe"

The Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage Centre (SCCS) has today published a report on how the EU "can unlock the North Seas potential as a shared CO2 storage resource". The report is based on a conference held in September, which was attended by leading CCS experts across Europe. The report sets out 6 key recommendations for CCS in Europe, including setting a strategic vision for CCS in 2030, developing policies and incentives to drive investment and advancing CO2 infrastructure.

October 2013

DECC Publishes Response to the CCS Cost Reduction Task Force

The Government has today published the formal response to the CCS Cost Reduction Task Force, giving an update on key actions and policy developments since the CCS Roadmap was published in April 2012. The Government has also set out specific actions in response to the Task Force recommendations including support for an ‘oversized’ pipeline and setting a vision for CCS towards 2030.

GCCSI Global Status of CCS 2013

The Global CCS Institute has published its annual report on the global status of CCS. The 2013 report provides an update on the number of CCS projects around the world in various stages of development. According to the report, there are now 20 large-scale CCS projects in operation or construction around the world - an increase of four since 2012.

July 2013

IEA CCS Technology Roadmap 2013

The new IEA publication shows how CCS can contribute a significant one-sixth of the CO2 emission reductions required in 2050 from the energy sector to meet the climate goal.Technology Roadmap explains the next steps industry and governments must take to develop strong business models, to implement incentive frameworks and mobilise the necessary financial resources to drive cost-effective CCS deployment.

ZEP report on CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) in energy-intensive industries

ZEP's report shows that direct emissions from EU industries in 2010 accounted for 25 % of total EU CO2 emissions, and that energy efficiency measures will not be sufficient to reduce those emissions significantly. CCS continues to stand out as the only technology available to deliver deep emission cuts.

May 2013

CCS Cost Reduction Task Force Final Report

The CCSA welcomes the publication of the CCS Cost Reduction Taskforce final report on The Potential for Reducing the Costs of CCS in the UK. The Final Report presents to Government what the Task Force has identified as Agreed Actions and recommended Next Steps to achieve the cost reductions and develop the CCS industry in the UK.

EASAC policy report on Carbon Capture and Storage in Europe

The European Academies' Science Advisory Council (EASAC) in its new report has examined the challenges that must be addressed to secure CCS as a viable component of strategies to mitigate climate change, and consequently to consider what contribution it may make in Europe to 2050.

April 2013

IEA/CCSA report to the Clean Energy Ministerial on "Global Action to Advance Carbon Capture and Storage. A Focus on Industrial Applications" 

IEA has published a report with a main focus on industrial applications of CCS. Representing one-fifth of total global CO2 emissions currently, industrial sectors such as cement, iron and steel, chemicals and refining are expected to emit even more CO2 over the coming decades. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is currently the only large-scale mitigation option available to cut the emissions intensity of production by over 50% in these sectors.

Unburnable carbon 2013: Wasted capital and stranded assets

This new research from Carbon Tracker and the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE calls for regulators, governments and investors to re-evaluate energy business models against carbon budgets, to prevent $6trillion carbon bubble in the next decade. The report has revealed that fossil fuel reserves already far exceed the carbon budget to avoid global warming of 2°C, but in spite of this, spent $674billion last year to find and develop new potentially stranded assets.

March 2013

IEAGHG Key Messages For Communication Needs

The IEA GHG have published a report on CCS entitled 'Key Messages for Communication Needs for Key Stakeholders'. This report was prepared together with Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage (SCCS) and contains CCS briefing notes for interested stakeholders and the public.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Costs for UK Industry: High Level Review

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills commissioned Element Energy to update cost data on carbon capture and storage (CCS) for industrial applications.

DECC's The Future of Heating: Meeting the Challenge

'The Future of Heating: Meeting the challenge' sets out specific actions to help deliver low carbon heating across the UK in the decades to come. The strategy recognises the importance of industrial CCS in reducing the UK's emissions.

AEA technology report on CCS: Assessing the Domestic Supply Chain Barriers to the Commercial Deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage within the Power Sector

The CCS supply chain will be crucial to this roll out. Because of this, DECC commissioned AEA to carry out an objective appraisal of the CCS supply chain - to identify potential CCS supply chain barriers, and to examine the scope for growth in the UK CCS supply chain during the 2020s.

February 2013

MPA Cement has published its 2050 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategy. 

The UK cement industry has outlined the necessary action that could see it cut GHG emissions by 81% against a 1990 baseline if carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is available to the industry and can be economically deployed. If CCS isn't viable in the long term there is an action plan that could see the industry reducing emissions by an ambitious 62%. 

January 2013

SaskPower CCS Global Consortium - January 13

SaskPower is developing a world's largest commercial-scale, coal-fired carbon capture and storage facility at Boundary Dam Power Station in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada. This publication provides an insight into the project management and membership, along with an overview of the technological process behind this project.


December 2012

Gas Generation Strategy report by DECC - December 2012

Gas currently forms an integral part of the UK’s generation mix and is a reliable, flexible source of electricity. The report provides current and future trends of the policy strategies for gas in the UK, including the role of CCS in the gas-fired power generation.

November 2012

Carbon Capture and Storage - Mobilising Private Sector Finance for CCS in the UK - 26 November

A joint report prepared by the Energy Technologies Institute and the Ecofin Research Foundatin explores the challenges that both the public and private sector needs to overcome to help build CCS into a viable low carbon industry that is economically competitive.

Managing Liabilities of European Carbon Capture and Storage - 22 November

ClimateWise has released a report on developing commercially viable insurance solutions for CCS. The document covers fundamental principles of insurability including an overview of different types of risks associated with CCS industry.

CCS Cost Reduction Task Force Interim Report - 21 November 2012

The CCS Cost Reduction Task Force, a collaboration between DECC, The Crown Estate and industry, has today published its interim report on the potential for fossil fuel power generation with CCS to compete cost-effectively with other low-carbon forms of energy in the 2020s.

The Energy and Climate Change Committee has published its 4th Special Report of Session 2012-13: Low-Carbon Growth Links with China: Government Response to the Committee's Third Report of Session 2012-13 - 20 November 2012

China is one of the most important countries needing to make the transition to a low carbon economy. In 2011, China emitted 29% of the world's carbon. The Committee's report concludes that the UK has an important role in encouraging the trend to low carbon in China. CCS technology is in the spotllight of the report as one of the effective decarbonising solutions.

Economic impacts of CO2 enhanced oil recovery for Scotland

Recognising that the combination of CCS with CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) could bring positive impacts to the Scottish ecomony, Scottish Enterprise has release a report, which examines the issues related to CO2-EOR encompassing technical potental, barriers for growth and scenarios for developing CO2-EOR in the North Sea.

IEA World Energy Outlook report 2012 - 12 November

WEO presents authoritative projections of energy trends through to 2035 and insights into what they mean for energy security, environmental sustainability and economic development. Oil, coal, natural gas, renewables, CCS and nuclear power are all covered, together with an update on climate change issues. Global energy demand, production, trade, investment and carbon dioxide emissions are broken down by region or country, by fuel and by sector. 

October 2012

Global CCS Institute Report : "The Global Status of CCS: 2012"

The report provides a comprehensive overview of the development of CCS projects and technologies around the world – progress, challenges and recommendations – and of actions taken to assist the demonstration of those technologies at a large scale. Covering developments from late 2011, until the beginning of September 2012, the report draws on the results of the Institute’s annual project survey, which is completed by lead proponents of major CCS projects. 

August 2012

TINAs Report: "Carbon Capture & Storage in the Power Sector Summary Report"

The new analysis, Technology Innovation Needs Assessment (TINA), examines the potential for innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage technology and assesses the economic benefits to the UK. 

July 2012

Element Energy report on 'Ecomonic impacts of CO2-enhanced oil recovery for Scotland' for Scottish Enterprise

A study has been commissioned to examine the economic potential for utilising captured CO2 to enhance recovery of oil within the UK Continental Shelf.

ECC Committee pre-legislative scrunity report on draft Energy Bill

June 2012

GCCSI report - ROAD CCS Project: Lessons learnt

This report outlines the major lessons learnt from the ROAD CCS project development phase and aims to inform similar CCS projects across the globe that are working towards a final investment decision.

GCCSI report - International comparison of the large group process: Results from Canada, Netherlands, Scotland and Australia 

The research presented in this report presentsthe results of a large group workshop process, developedin Australia that was replicated across four different countries.The countries selected were chosen on the basis that carbon capture and storage (CCS), a technology to prevent large amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) being released into the atmosphere from the use of fossil fuel in power generation.

GCCSI report - Project Pioneer: Preliminary construction execution and labour market analysis

This summaryPage 4 of 6report peruses at a high-level for the reader, Project Pioneer’s analysis of labour markets through expected industrial activity, a brief overview of the construction advisory committee, analysis of major risks for construction of the project, and finally some concluding notes.

May 2012

Report on 'Handling and Allocation of Business Risks. Special Report to the GCCSI' by the ROAD CCS Project in Netherlands

The report describes and evaluates the risk management methodology developed by the ROAD Project Team. This includes a description of the business risks, mitigating actions, and residual risks.

Western Australia greenhouse gas capture and storage: A tale of two projects

This report, developed by the Western Australian and Australian Government, looks into the two current CCS projects being developed in Western Australia – the South West Hub and the Gorgon LNG Project. 

April 2012

CCS Commercialisation Programme by DECC

The following document focuses on our activities to date for developing commercial-scale CCS and the CCS Commercialisation Programme.

Carbon Capture Roadmap by DECC

According to the report 'Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) has the potential to be one of the most cost effective technologies for decarbonisation of the UK’s power and industrial sectors, as well as those of economies worldwide'.

UKERC report "Carbon Capture and Storage. Realising the potential?"

The project is an independent, inter-disciplinary assessment of the viability of CCS technologies from now to 2030.

March 2012

Report Practical Potential for Gas CCS in Europe in 2030 for ECF

Element Energy and Green Alliance have produced the report "The Practical Potential for Gas Power with CCS in Europe in 2030" for The European Climate Foundation.

  • View the report on policy implications by the environmental think tank Green Alliance "The CCS challenge: practical potential for gas carbon capture and storage in Europe in 2030". View on Green Alliance website.

Green Alliance Report

Environmental think tank Green Alliance has released anew reports on CCS:

NAO Report - "Carbon capture and storage: lessons from the competition for the first UK demonstration"

The National Audit Office has published a report on the UK's first CCS Demonstration Competition, cancelled in October 2011, to design, construct and operate the UK's first commercial-scale carbon capture and storage project.


DECC publishes Front End Engineering Design Studies (FEED) studies from Demo 1 competition

The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change has released FEED studies from the first UK CCS Competition.  For further information, please visit the DECC website.

November 2011

UK Government Carbon Plan

The Carbon Plan, published in December 2011, sets out the Government's plans for achieving the emissions reductions committed to in the first four carbon budgets, on the way to reducing UK emissions by 80% from 1990 levels in 2050. Visit the DECC Carbon Plan web page and view the CCSA response UK Carbon Plan - Not far enough on CCS.

ZEP CCS Library

The European Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP) has developed a library of key CCS publications. View the CCS Library (Scroll to bottom of page).

GCCSI Costs of CCS Report

The Global CCS Institute has released a policy briefing The costs of CCS and other low-carbon technologies.

October 2011

APGTF New Technology Strategy Report

The UK Advanced Power Generation Technology Forum (APGTF) has launched 'Cleaner Fossil Power Generation in the 21st Century - Maintaining a Leading Role: A technology strategy for fossil fuel carbon abatement technologies'.

The APGTF has revised and updated its 2009 strategy for carbon capture and storage.  It includes a detailed review of research, development and demonstration themes and priorities in CCS. Visit the APGTF website to download the report and for further information.

New GCCSI Report

The Global CCS Institute has released its report The Global Status of CCS: 2011

September 2011

CSLF, Beijing 2011

The fourth CSLF Ministerial Meeting took place in September 2011 in Beijing.

To find out more about the meeting, please visit the CSLF website.

Technology Roadmap - Carbon Capture and Storage in Industrial Applications

International Energy Agency (IEA) and United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) launch their Technology Roadmap on CCS in Industrial Applications.  To read the report.

July 2011

National Policy Statements for Energy Infrastructure

The UK Government has approved 6 National Policy Statements for Energy Infrastructure.  To find out more, visit the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change website.

HSE Technical Paper

HSE Technical Paper (PDF) on CO2 loss from containment vessels concludes that additional H&S regulation is not required.

March 2011

The EAC’s Green Investment Bank Report

The House of Commons, Environmental Audit Committee have now published their The Green Investment Bank - Second Report of Session 2010–11, Volume I: Report, together with formal minutes, oral and written evidence. Additional written evidence is contained in Volume II, available on the Committee website

February 2011

CO2 Capture Project Regulatory Update

CO2 Capture Project released in November 2010 the report Update on Selected Regulatory Issues for CO2 Capture and Geological Storage

Department of Energy and Climate Change Carbon Plan 2011

Read the DECC Carbon Plan

Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum; Strategic Plan Implementation Report, February 2011

View the press release. Read CSLF Strategic Plan Implementation.

Eunomia Report on Importance of CO2 Storage in the East Irish Sea

View the story. Read the report: The East Irish Sea CCS Cluster: A Conceptual Design – Technical Report

Government Response to ECC Committee Report on EPS

View the story. View the report.

Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage Centre (SCCSS) Toolkit

Read Carbon Capture and Storage Regulatory Test Toolkit - Are you ready for your first Carbon Capture and Storage application?

Special Metals Forum (SMF) in Partnership with National metals Technology Centre (NAMTEC) first CCS Report

Headline: CCS could contribute £6.5 billion to the UK economy and create up to 100,000 jobs by 2030. View the story.
Read Carbon Capture and Storage - Technology, Materials and Key Players (for purchase only)

January 2011

Camco Report: CCS Strategy and Action Plan for the Greater South East

Read the report.

UK: Energy and Climate Change Committee Report National Policy Statements for Energy

Read the story. Read Energy and Climate Change - Third Report: The revised draft National Policy Statements on energy

CCS Featured Article in China Environment Series

Read the story. Read Advancing Carbon Capture and Sequestration in China: A Global Learning Laboratory.

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) Report on CCS

Read the story. Read Carbon Capture and Storage in Industrial Applications: Technology Synthesis Report. Working Paper- November 2010.

Green Labor Journal Review of Clean Coal Jobs

Read the story. Read the featured article Potential Low-Carbon Jobs- United Mine Workers of America: Analysis of advanced coal-based electric generation and carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies.

Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage Report on Public Communication

Read Towards a Public Communication and Engagement Strategy for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Projects in Scotland: A Review of Research Findings, CCS Project Experiences, Tools, Resources and Best Practices

Report finds 2010 CCS Spending Reached $11.9bn Globally

View the story. View the report (for purchase).

BP Report on Energy Growth to 2030

View the story. Read BP Energy Outlook 2030.

Financial Times Special Report on Energy

Read the FT Special Report- Innovation in Energy (subscription required). This includes the article “Carbon sequestration: capture technology faces a more hostile environment”. CCSA CEO Jeff Chapman has been quoted in this article.

Element Energy and Carbon Counts Report for One North East and NEPIC

Read Developing a CCS Network in the Tees Valley Region

ClientEarth Report on Legal Policy Analysis and Recommendations for Financial Security Obligations

Read Final Hurdles: Financial Security Obligations Under the CCS Directive

Study by Arup, published by DG Energy on Potential CCS Capacity Shortage in Central Europe

View the story. Read Feasibility Study for Europe-Wide CO2 Infrastructures.

New DOE/NETL CCS Roadmap

View the story. Read DOE/NETL Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage RD&D Roadmap, December 2010.

CCS Report from Bharat Book Bureau (for purchase)

Read Carbon Capture & Storage Technologies

Study Published in Journal of Environmental Planning and Management

Read the story on“An economic and environmental assessment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) power plants: a case study for the City of Kiel”

Special Edition of American Chemical Society journal, Environment Science & Technology

Read Environmental Science & Technology Special Issue On Environmental Policy

NETL Best Prices Manual on CO2 Storage

Read Site Screening, Site Selection and Initial Characterization for Storage of CO2 in Deep Geologic Formations


December 2010

UK Government Response to Low Carbon Skills Challenge Consultation

View the response to the Consultation ‘Meeting the Low Carbon Skills Challenge’.

Report by EC Joint Research Centre

Read The evolution of the extent and the investment requirements of a trans-European CO2 transport network

Journal of Pipeline Engineering

- The techno-economics of a phased approach to developing a UK carbon dioxide pipeline network
- Carbon dioxide transport infrastructure key learning and
critical issues

UK DECC and HM Treasury Consultations

Read the story and the press release. View the EMR Consultation and the Carbon Price Support Consultation.

UK DECC CCS Consultation on Third Party Access Provisions and Infrastructure

View the consultation.

IEA CCS Briefing Papers

Read - IEA CCS Legal & Regulatory Framework Edition 1 and - IEA CCS Model Regulatory Framework Information Paper

VTT Report on Impact of CCS on GHG Emissions in Finland

View the story.

DECC publish report on CO2 Storage and EOR


Grantham Institute for Climate Change at Imperial College, Briefing Documents

Read Future Fossil Fuel Use and Mitigating Climate Change
Read Carbon Dioxide Storage

Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum Roadmap

Read the CSLF Technology Roadmap 2010, A Global Response to the Challenge of Climate Change

Policy Brief from World Resources Institute

Read Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage and the UNFCCC: Recommendations for Addressing Technical Issues

Department of Energy and Climate Change Report on CO2 Storage and EOR


European Commission FAQs on NER300

Read the EC's FAQs on NER300

DECC OCCS Guidance on EU NER300 Competition

Read the Department of Energy and Climate Change's guidance on the EU NER300 competition.

UK Parliament releases new Energy Bill

Read the Energy Bill 2011

UK Committee on Climate Change, Fourth Carbon Budget

Read the CCCs Fourth Carbon Budget

November 2010

5,700 Years of CO2 Storage Potential in US/Canada

Read The U.S. DOE's third edition of Carbon Sequestration Atlas

U.S. DOE Study on Potential CO2 Storage Impacts

Read the U.S. Department of Energy's Study on Potential CO2 Storage Impacts

Government Response to ECC Committee Report

Read The Future of Britain's electricity networks

U.S. EIA: Annual Energy Outlook 2010, with projections to 2035

Read the U.S. Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook 2010

Report by European Commission on Energy Infrastructure

Read Energy infrastructure priorities for 2020 and beyond - A Blueprint for an integrated European energy network

European Commission Launches New Report, “Energy 2010"

Energy 2020- A strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy

Report from ECN

Communication, project planning and management for carbon capture and storage projects: An international comparison

ENA Gas Futures Report

Read Gas Future Scenarios Project – Final Report

WRI Report on Community Engagement for CCS Projects

Read Guidelines for Community Engagement in Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport, and Storage Projects

Global Data report on Clean Coal

Read Clean Coal Technology: Efficient power generation with (pulverized coal) Combustion and Gasification (For purchase)

Global Data report on Oxy-fuel Technology

Read Oxy-fuel Technology for Fossil Fuelled Power Plants: Technical and Economic feasibility (For purchase)

Report by VTT Technical Research Centre, Finland

Read CCS technology offers an opportunity to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the Nordic countries

Report by Boston Consulting Group

Read What’s Next for Alternative Energy?

World Energy Outlook 2010 (For purchase)

Read the abstract

October 2010

Article in 'Science'

Read ‘Caging Carbon Dioxide’
Belfer Center (Harvard University) Study on Policy options to assist the deployment of CCS, particularly in the U.S.
Read Analysis of Financial Incentives for Early CCS Deployment

ZEP Presents Strategic Deployment Document on CCS

Read the Strategic Deployment Document II

Ernst & Young Study on the Green Investment Bank

Read the story.

Durham University Study- UK May Miss CCS EOR potential

Read the story.

CE Delft for Climate Change Action Network (CAN) Europe on CO2 efficient manufacturing in Europe.

Read Technological developments in Europe: A long-term view of CO2 efficient manufacturing in the European region

EBI Report on the Climate Change Industry. Includes comprehensive section on CCS

Read EBI Report 4000: The Climate Change Industry (For purchase only)

U.S. FutureGen 2.0 Site Selection Process

Read Guidance for Prospective Site Offerors

U.S. DOE Manual on Studies of 11 Major CO2 Geological Storage Formations

Read Geologic Storage Formation Classifications: Understanding Its Importance and Impacts on CCS Opportunities in the United States

September 2010

Energy Institute JIP Documents

- Technical guidance on hazard analysis for onshore carbon capture installations and onshore pipelines
- Read Good plant design and operation for onshore carbon capture installations and onshore pipelines
View the documents.

Report by Energy Technology Innovation Policy Research Group, Harvard.

Read "Expert Elicitation of Cost, Performance, and RD&D Budgets for Coal Power with CCS"

European Commission, Energy, EEPR for CCS

View the website

Report on the Potential for CCS in Southern Africa

View the story for “CCS in Southern Africa: An Assessment of the Rationale, Possibilities and Capacity Needs to Enable CO2 Capture and Storage in Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia

Scotland's Review of Planning Applicaitons for Latest Clean Energy Technology

Read Scotland's Regulatory Review Group- Annual Report
(This report makes Scotland better placed to progress planning applications to build CCS facilities)

Report from The Climate Group, Econfin Research Foundation and Global CCS Institute

Read “Carbon Capture and Storage: Mobilising Private Sector Finance”

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Report

Read An Investigation to Explore the Potential for Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide

August 2010

SUDG Report

Read Sustainable Development and the Sea

Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy Report

Read Comparison of Renewable Energy Technologies with Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (CCS)

CBI Brief on Deciding Britain's Energy Future

Read No Time To Lose

Report by Institute for Environmental Decisions (IED), ETH Zurich

Read Impact of Knowledge and Misconceptions on Benefit and Risk Perception of CCS

Clean Tech, Clean Profits

Clean Tech, Clean Profits (published August 2010) is available directly from the publisher, Kogan Page. To take advantage of a 30% discount, and buy a copy of the book for £21 instead of the usual £29.95 simply contact Taryn Sachs ( ), quoting the code CTCP2010.

A Think Piece by Lord Oxburgh

Read Working Party Report on the arrangements needed to develop the Infrastructure for Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK

July 2010

Global CCS Institute CCS projects status report

Read The Status of CCS Projects: Interim Report 2010

June 2010

Report for Committee on Climate Change on CCS

Read Potential for the application of CCS to UK industry and natural gas power generation

Committee on Climate Change 2nd progress report

Read Meeting Carbon Budgets – ensuring a low-carbon recovery

IEA/CSLF Report to the Muskoka 2010 G8 Summit on CCS

Read Carbon Capture and Storage: Progress and Next Steps

North Sea Task Basin publishes report on CO2 infrastructure

Read One North Sea

April 2010

Energy Act 2010

Read Energy Act 2010
IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme report on CO2 pipeline infrastructure
Read CO2 pipeline infrastructure: An analysis of global challenges and opportunities

November 2009

CCSA postition paper on an international climate change agreement

Read CCS in an international post-2012 climate change agreement

IEA releases roadmap for CCS

Read Technology Roadmap: Carbon capture and storage

October 2009

GCCSI report on the global status of CCS

Read Strategic Analysis of the Global Status of Carbon Capture and Storage

Institute of Civil Engineers report on CCS in the UK

Read Carbon Capture and Storage: time to deliver

Pöyry CCS deployment report for the Committee on Climate Change

Read Carbon Capture and Storage: Milestones to Deliver Large Scale Deployment by 2030 in the UK

June 2009

Royal Society report on achieving a low carbon future

Read Towards a low carbon future

May 2009

APGTF report on cleaner fossil fuel power generation

Read Cleaner Fossil Power Generation in the 21st Century: a technology strategy for carbon capture and storage

April 2009

E.ON report on the potential for a CCS cluster in the Thames Estuary

Read Capturing carbon, tackling climate change: A vision for a CCS cluster in the South East

March 2009

US Department of Energy report on monitoring and reporting

Read Monitoring, Verification, and Accounting of CO2 Stored in Deep Geological Formations

US Geological Survey report on how to evaluate CO2 storage potential

Read Development of a Probabilistic Assessment Methodology for Evaluation of CArbon Dioxide Storage

Centre for Policy Studies warns of over-dependence on gas

Read Step off the Gas: Why over-dependence on gas is bad for the UK

February 2009

Report from the Advisory Committee on Carbon Abatement Technologies (ACCAT)

Read Accelerating the deployment of carbon abatement technologies - with special focus on Carbon Capture and Storage

Highlights from a UK CCS expert mission to Japan

Read Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: UK Experts Mission to Japan

Policy Brief on Green Stimulus from the Grantham Research Institute

Read An outline of the case for a 'green' stimulus

Emerging Energy Research Publishes CCS Report

Read Global Carbon Sequestration Markets and Strategies, 2008-2030

World Economic Forum Releases Report

Read Green Investing: Towards a Clean Energy Infrastructure

January 2009

McKinsey Publishes Latest Greenhouse Gas Abatement Curve

Read Pathways to a low-carbon economy


December 2008

Linklaters Releases Paper on Transboundary CO2 Transportation

Read Transboundary Transportation of CO2 Associated with Carbon Capture and Storage Projects: An Analysis of Issues under International Law

House of Commons Business and Enterprise Committee Publishes Report on the Energy Crunch

Read Energy policy: future challenges

Policy Exchange Publishes Report on UK Energy Policy

Read Credible energy policy – Meeting the challenges of security of supply and climate change

World Business Council for Sustainable Development Publishes Report on Low-Carbon Technology and Policies

Read Power to Change: A business contribution to a low-carbon electricity future

Scottish Council for Development & Industry Releases Report on the Future of Electricity Generation in Scotland

Read The Future of Electricity Generation in Scotland

EEF Publishes Report on Low Carbon Energy Strategy in the UK

Read Low carbon energy: A balanced approach

UKERC Publishes Report on Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy in the UK

Read Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy: What will it take for the UK?

Committee on Climate Change Publishes First Report

Read Building a low-carbon economy – the UK’s contribution to tackling climate change

November 2008

UK Government Releases Response to Consultation on EC proposed amendments to EU ETS

Read Government’s Response to Consultation on Commission's proposals to amend the EU Emissions Trading Scheme from 2013

EC Publishes Policy Options Paper

Read Financing large scale demonstration of emerging energy technologies (e.g. CCS Demonstration Plants)

EC Publishes Background Paper on Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery

Read Technical background on Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery using CO2 accompanied by permanent CO2 storage

The Sussex Energy Group has published a briefing on UK government policy for CCS

Read UK policy on carbon capture and storage: Squaring coal use with climate change?

Bellona Publishes Report on Funding the EU CCS Flagship Programme

Read Paying for a Decent Burial: Funding options for an EU programme for full-scale demonstration of CO2 capture and storage

Scottish Government Releases Three Reports Relating to CCS

Read Mitigating Against Climate Change in Scotland : Identification and Initial Assessment of Policy Options, Scottish Energy Study - Volume 5 : Energy and Carbon Dioxide Projections for Scotland and Grid Issues Arising From Changes to the Generation Background in Scotland

IEA Publishes Its World Energy Outlook 2008

Read World Energy Outlook 2008

ZEP Publishes Report on EU CCS Demonstration Programme

Read EU Demonstration Programme for CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) - ZEP’s Proposal

October 2008

IEA Publishes CCS Report

View the IEA website for more information on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage: A Key Carbon Abatement Option

World Resources Institute Issues Guidelines on CCS

Read Guidelines for Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transport and Storage

IEA Publishes Paper on Carbon Leakage

Read Issues behind Competitiveness and Carbon Leakage- Focus on Heavy Industry

CO2DeepStore Releases Latest Issue of The Critical Point

Read The Critical Point - What role does Enhanced Oil Recovery have in mitigating climate change?

RAND Publishes Report on Unconventional Fossil-Based Fuels

Read Unconventional Fossil-Based Fuels - Economic and Environmental Trade-Offs

Doosan Babcock Presentation to BCURA Coal Science Lecture, Royal Institution

Read A Clean Future For Coal Fired Power

Green Alliance Publishes Report on CCS

Read A last chance for coal - making carbon capture and storage a reality

September 2008

Environment Agency Publishes Science Report on CCS Readiness

Read the report and summary

CO2 GeoNet Publishes Brochure on CO2 Storage

Read What Does CO2 Storage Mean

McKinsey Publishes Report on CCS Economics

BERR Consultation Towards Carbon Capture and Storage

Read the CCSA Response

July 2008

Defra Consultation on the EU Commission's proposals to amend the EU ETS from 2013

Read the EU ETS Consultation
Read the CCSA Response

IPPR Publishes Report on the Future of Coal-Fired Power

Read After the Coal Rush: Assessing policy options for coal-fired electricity generation

Tony Blair Submits Climate Report to G8 Summit

Read Breaking the Climate Deadlock

UK Government CCS Consultation

Read Towards Carbon Capture and Storage

Lords Economic Affairs Committee Inquiry into the Economics of Renewable Energy

Read the Call for Evidence
Read the CCSA Submission

Environmental Audit Committee Inquiry into Carbon Capture and Storage

Read the CCSA Submission

June 2008

Policy Exchange Publishes Report on CCS

Read Six Thousand Feet Under: Burying the Carbon Problem

Yorkshire Forward Publishes CCS Network Report

Read A Carbon Capture and Storage Network for Yorkshire and Humber

May 2008

Friends of Europe/Bellona Publishes CCS Roundtable Report

Read Carbon Capture and Storage - Making it Happen

April 2008

Policy Exchange Publishes Research Note on CCS

Read Is Britain Ready for Carbon Capture and Storage?

March 2008

British Embassy Tokyo Note on CCS in Japan

Read the Note

TUC Publishes Report on Clean Coal in the UK

Read the TUC's Clean Coal Task Group report "Clean coal in the UK and European electricity mix"

February 2008

Pew Center Reports on Advancing Deployment of CCS

As part of its Coal Initiative Series of reports, the Pew Center have published three White Papers on CCS. Read the White Papers:
- State Policy Options to Advance CCS (February 2008)
- A Trust Fund Approach to Accelerating Deployment of CCS: Options and Considerations (January 2008)
- A Program to Accelerate the Deployment of CO2 Capture and Storage: Rationale, Objectives, and Cost (October 2007)

IRGC Publishes Policy Brief on CCS

Read "Regulation of Carbon Capture and Storage"

January 2008

Shell Energy Scenarios to 2050

Read the report

IEA GHG Publishes Booklet on Safety of CO2 Storage

Read "Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide - Staying Safely Underground"

EEF and Deloitte Publish Joint Report on Low-Carbon Economy - Business Opportunities

Read the report "Delivering the low-carbon economy - Business opportunities for UK manufacturers" and joint press release here.


November 2007

IPPR Publishes Research Report on UK Emissions Target

Read Research Report

October 2007

UKERC Publishes UK CCS Roadmap

Read the initial UK CCS Roadmap following the workshop on “Carbon Capture and Storage Opportunities in a New Europe” here.

August 2007

IPPR Factfile on Energy Security

Read the IPPR Facfile Energy Security in the UK

Government Publishes Coal Forum Report

Read the UK Coal Forum Report (pdf)

June 2007

North Sea Basin Task Force Publishes First Report

Read the first Report of the North Sea Basin Task Force here (pdf)

May 2007

UK Government Publishes Energy White Paper

Read the Energy White Paper and associated documents

April 2007

IEA Publishes Report on CCS in the CDM

Read the report Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage in the Clean Development Mechanism written by ERM on behalf of the International Energy Agency

March 2007

Draft Climate Change Bill Published

Read the draft Climate Change Bill and associated documents

Environmental Audit Committee Publishes Fourth Report

Read the EACs Fourth Report

Budget 2007 is Published

Read the Budget 2007 and associated documents

February 2007

IPCC Summary of 4th Assessment Report

Read the Summary for Policymakers of Climate Change 2007: The Physcial Science Basis

January 2007

EU Commission Publishes Strategic Energy Review

Read the Strategic Energy Review and associated documents


December 2006

DTI and ICE Publish Report on Capture-Ready Plant

Read the Survey of Power Station Contractors jointly published by the DTI and the Institute of Chemical Engineers here.

Chancellor Publishes 2006 Pre-Budget Report

Read the Pre-Budget Report and associated documents

October 2006

Second World Energy Book

Read the 2006 World Energy BookPart 1, 2, 3

World Business Council for Sustainable Development Report

Read Powering a Sustainable Future

Government Publishes Stern Review

Read the Stern Review: The Economics of Climate Change and supporting documents

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology Postnote

Read Carbon Footprint of Electricity Generation

September 2006

PWC Report

Read The World in 2050: Impact of global growth on carbon emissions and climate change policy

August 2006

Defra EU ETS Phase II NAP

The UK Government today submitted the UK's National Allocation Plan for Phase II (2008-2012) of the EU ETS to the EU Commission. Read the UK National Allocation Plan 2008-2012 and associated documents.

DTI Energy Review

Read The Energy Challenge: Energy Review Report

May 2006

Defra Stakeholder Questionnaire on Priorities for the Review of the EU ETS

Read Questions on the Review of the EU ETS Post-2012 and associated documents
Read the CCSA response CCSA 2012 Response.pdf

April 2006

DTI Energy Review Consultation and CCSA Response

The Association has responded today to the Government's 2006 Energy Review. The response calls upon Government to implement an incentive scheme/s to encourage take up of CCS and modify legislation in such a way that large quantities of CO2 can be stored for indefinite periods in geological formations under land or the sea bed in depleted oil and gas fields; saline aquifers; or in deep, unminable coal beds.
View the Energy Review Consultation Jan 2006
View the CCSA Response CCSA Energy Review Submission.pdf

House of Commons Science & Technology Committee Third Special Report

Read Meeting UK Energy and Climate Needs: The Role of Carbon Capture and Storage: Government Response to the Committee's First Report of Session 2005-06
Read the First Report Meeting UK Energy and Climate Needs

March 2006

Defra Marine Bill Consultation

Read the Consultation on A Marine Bill
Read the CCSA response Marine Bill Consultation - CCSA Response.doc

Defra EU ETS Draft NAP II Consultation

View the Consultation on the Phase II UK Draft National Allocation Plan & associated documents
Read the CCSA response CCSA Submission to Phase II NAP Consultation.doc

HM Treasury Consultation

Carbon capture and storage: A consultation on barriers to commercial deployment
Read the CCSA response CCSA submission to HM Treasury Consultation.doc


IEA Report

Read Legal Aspects of Storing CO2


IEA Report

Read Prospects for CO2 Capture and Storage


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