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Lloyds Register is one of the premier classification, verification and independent consultancies in the energy, transportation and marine sectors with 250+ years operating history. The 9000+ employees strive to ensure that the design, process, equipment and management systems within these industries are developed, implemented, and operated in the safest manner possible throughout the project lifecycle. Technical assurance, technical safety, risk assessment, and risk-based management systems are at the core of Lloyd’s Register: all of which are necessary components for the successful delivery of CCS projects, as applied to both surface and subsurface aspects. Lloyd’s Register has a wide range of experience in conducting feasibility, HAZID and HAZOP studies for CCS projects across Europe and further afield.

Our subsidiary LR Senergy, is a leading CCS consultancy with expertise focused on the storage and transportation of CO2 and the commercial development of CCS projects. Technical expertise ranges from initial basin screening for storage, site selection and appraisal, through to project development, operation and monitoring, measurement and verification. Our core strength is our world class team of consultants and technologists. With over 400 leading geoscientists and reservoir, wells and facilities engineers, as well as commercial development managers, LR Senergy has the capacity to meet the challenges of CCS project development. Our experience spans both large scale development and operational projects with support provided to energy companies and Governments in Europe, Australia, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and North America.

LR Senergy
Ternan House, North Deeside Road,
Banchory, Aberdeenshire
AB31 5YR
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1330 825188, Direct: +44 1330 826621, Mobile: +44 7894 277251

Fax: + 44 1330 825206

Email: John.McCurry@lr-senergy.com 
Web: www.lr-senergy.com/alternative-energywww.lr.org/en/



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