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Sargas Power acquired the Don Valley Power and CCS Project from 2Co Energy Limited in December 2014. The Don Valley Power Project in South Yorkshire, will now be developed by Sargas Power UK Limited.

The Don Valley Power Project (DVPP) is at an advanced stage of development  - it already has its Section 36 and Section 37 agreements for connecting to and transmission of its electricity using the National Grid network. Various other licences are also in place, including the supply of water to the plant.  National Grid will transport the captured carbon dioxide (CO2) by pipeline and store it permanently in a saline formation deep beneath the southern North Sea.

The project is the only one in the UK to benefit from an EU grant awarded under the European Economic Programme for Recovery (EEPR).  This €180 million grant is still available and continues to be essential in funding the project to the point where the final investment decision will be made.

In large part due to this EU funding, the project is sufficiently advanced to come into operation immediately after the projects in the government’s CCS Commercialisation programme.  It would be the first project to follow on from Yorkshire’s White Rose project benefitting from the cost savings to be had from using the same CO2 transport and storage infrastructure and demonstrating the cost benefits of developing a cluster of projects in the Yorkshire–Humber area.


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