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The Royal Dutch Shell group ("Shell") is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies. With 104,000 employees in more than 110 countries, we play a key role in helping to meet the world's growing demand for energy in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways.

As a major developer of primary energy sources and actor in the wider energy scene, Shell is actively involved in CCS research and development, the financing and public policy debates, and building our own CCS capability. Additionally, we are partners in several CCS joint ventures aimed at establishing best practices and securing public acceptance.

CO2SINK, which started re-injecting CO2 into a saline aquifer in Germany in 2008 is one such example. We are also participating in the Australian Otway project, which over the next couple of years will see the injection of 100,000 tonnes of CO2 into a depleted natural gas reservoir.

Additionally, we are involved in a bid for a project in The Netherlands to take CO2 from the Pernis refinery and re-inject it into two depleted gas fields, and in Canada we are part of an International Energy Agency project to pipe CO2 330 kilometres from a coal gasification plant in North Dakota for re-injection in an oilfield in the province of Saskatchewan. Finally, together with Qatar Petroleum we have signed a $70 million research collaboration with Imperial College, London, to provide the foundation for new CO2 technologies that can be applied in Qatar, elsewhere in the Middle East and beyond.

In total, we currently we have more than 15 CCS opportunities in the 'project funnel' and we aim to have up to 10 in development by 2010, covering unconventional assets, refineries and third party power plants. This includes Canada where in July we announced plans to capture approximately one million tonnes of CO2 at our Scotford oil sands upgrader.



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