Who we are

The Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA) was founded in 2006 to represent the interests of its members in supporting the development and deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in the UK, EU and internationally. CCSA members are diverse and drawn from a wide range of sectors covering the full value chain of CCS, including industry that can utilise CO2 for existing and new processes, equipment and service providers, and academia.

CCS is an essential technology to enable the continued use of fossil fuels in a deeply carbon constrained world and when combined with sustainable bio energy fuels, it can effectively result in remove CO2 from the atmosphere. CCS can enable low carbon products and services across power, heat, transport and industrial processes, indeed it is also the only technology that is able to make deep reductions in CO2 emissions from many energy intensive industrial sectors.

The CCSA believes that the challenges of delivering a modern energy system that is environmentally sustainable, affordable for consumers and guarantees secure energy supply requires CCS to be widely deployed alongside other low-carbon technologies such as renewable energy, nuclear energy, and energy efficiency measures.

Our objectives:

  • Ensure that CCS is recognised and accepted as an essential technology that underpins energy security objectives and cost-competitively reduces CO2 emissions from power, energy-intensive industry and other energy uses. 
  • Facilitate a supportive environment for the successful delivery of early commercial-scale CCS projects and maximise the lessons learned from those projects for subsequent projects.
  • Focus on the development of a political, regulatory, technical and economic landscape that underpins sustainable CCS business models and supports the deployment of CCS at scale.

What we do

  • Promote the positive contribution that CCS can make to energy security, climate, energy and industrial policies. 
  • Advocate for the development of CCS-enabling policies, regulations and R&D.
  • Host member working groups to inform members, develop position papers on CCS-related issues, and respond to public consultations. 
  • Facilitate forums to encourage information exchange, networking and enhanced understanding of the opportunities presented by CCS. 
  • Partner with external organisations to advance shared objectives.
  • Provide a source of reliable and credible information on CCS to members and interested stakeholders.



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