Honorary President's Statement

Helen Liddell

The Paris Agreement reached by almost every country in the world in December 2015 set a context for future reductions in carbon emissions that will take vision and skill to reach. If we are to maintain the security of energy supply that we have become used to in the developed world, and meet the ambitions of developing countries, we cannot go forward without addressing the need to deal with the carbon that comes from many of our power stations and energy intensive industries.

We have been set a challenge and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is part of meeting that challenge. Alongside the development of renewable energy, and an increased emphasis on energy efficiency, we have much to gain from capturing and storing the greenhouse gases that are a by product of our economic development. CCS also represents a significant growth opportunity – creating and maintaining vital jobs and delivering extensive economic benefits in a number of sectors.

There have been huge technological advances in achieving the goal of protecting ourselves and future generations from the pollution that we now know is damaging our planet, and the industries CCSA represents are part of that historic task. The Carbon Capture and Storage Association brings together companies and experts with the skills and knowledge to work with the UK Government, EU institutions and international bodies to bring to fruition those projects that will put us on the path to deliver the Paris Agreement.

I am proud to follow such a distinguished scientist and businessman as Lord Oxburgh as Honorary President of the CCSA. This is an interesting and challenging time for all of us committed to environmental protection, and this website is designed as a tool for those energy and environment policy makers, and industries, who share the vision that CCS can deliver."

Helen Liddell

Baroness Liddell studied Economics at the University of Strathclyde before becoming an economics journalist for BBC Scotland. She entered Parliament in 1994 as MP for Monklands East and has held a number of high-profile ministerial positions, including economic secretary to the Treasury, Minister for Energy and Competitiveness in Europe and Secretary of State for Scotland. After she stepped down from the Commons in 2005, she became the British High Commissioner to Australia. She has been a Peer since 2010 and is also a member of the Privy Council.


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