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UK news

  • UK carbon capture scheme wins €300m from EU
  • Cameron says CCS can make shale gas ‘greener’
  • Geologists blast UN concerns over safety of carbon capture and storage
  • Coal gasification: The clean energy of the future?
  • World must end 'dirty' fuel use - UN
  • Dispute over UK Coal’s Kellingley mine closure heats up as TUC wades in

International News

  • Countries in Asia, particularly China, show interest in developing carbon technologies
  • April infringement package
  • EIB invests in low carbon energy projects
  • Bio-energy to reduce emissions
  • Husky Energy to build pilot project to scrub carbon emissions
  • Global CCS infrastructure market: Investments to reach $2.4 billion by 2020
  • Fossil fuel use to continue but carbon capture necessary
  • Hunt sees years of coal, says carbon will be captured
  • Province ‘confident’ in financial stake in refinery project
  • CO2 Solutions : oil sands project moves to pilot stage
  • Minerals Council launches 'Australians for coal' website
  • Germany’s power market: could coal reliance reign in this renewable powerhouse?
  • Shell publishes 2013 Sustainability Report and payments to governments data
  • Chamber hears about SaskPower projects
  • CO2 Solutions Successfully Completes Second Oil Sands Project Milestones
  • Clean Coal: Carbon capture pilot kicks off at Polk IGCC plant in Tampa
  • TCM reports carbon capture R&D is thriving

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