Delivering The Clean Growth Plan: Transition To A Low Carbon Economy

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

America Square Conference Centre, London


The UK Government is setting out the long-term vision to deliver a more resource efficient energy market, minimise the costs to businesses and households, and seize the opportunities that a shift towards a low carbon economy present.

The 2008 Climate Change Act sets legally-binding emissions targets that chart a course to an 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 (compared with 1990 levels). The Act requires that the government plan in advance how those targets will be met, due to be shortly published new policy frameworks will detail emission reduction plans, strategic investment in innovation, and the opportunities to reduce the costs of achieving low carbon goals. The 2016 Paris Agreement also sets a wider global action plan to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to well below 2°C. Following the EU referendum result the UK government may have more scope to shape future environment legislation outside of the EU and the opportunity to radically improve the way we manage our resources, energy markets and natural environment.

The UK government has developed plans to work with energy industries, stakeholders and regulators to manage the changes to energy markets required in transition to clean and sustainable growth. The shift to a low carbon economy requires strategic investment in innovation and regulatory frameworks that can minimise the costs to UK businesses, taxpayers and consumers.

This timely conference will explore the new government strategies to reduce emissions, secure energy supplies and drive sustainable, clean growth in a low carbon economy.

The conference agenda will look at how the UK can decarbonise across domestic heat, transport, and energy intensive industries in line with the government's Clean Growth Plan due to be published this autumn. We will be exploring how hydrogen fuel cell and Carbon Capture Storage technology can help the UK reduce its carbon emissions across four key areas: Managing energy demands in line with policy commitments; Domestic heat; Carbon Capture and Storage and Industrial Emissions; and Transport.


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