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CCSA/NIA/Renewable UK Energy Bill Briefing to Lords, 4 June 2013

The CCSA, together with the Nuclear Industry Association and Renewable UK, held a very successful breakfast briefing at the House of Lords on the 4th June 2013, to discuss the current Energy Bill & Electricity Market Reform, and to raise issues in the Bill which affect all three low-carbon sectors.

Ahead of the briefing, the three organisations developed a joint booklet, setting out the benefits of each low-carbon sector.

CCSA Briefing Paper on the benefits of CCS, March 2013

CCSA Briefing Paper on the Energy Bill, January 2013

The CCSA has developed a short briefing paper on our views regarding the Energy Bill and the key issues for CCS within Electricity Market Reform.


CCSA Briefing Paper on the Energy Bill, October 2012


CCSA Briefing Paper on the process industries, November 2011


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