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CCS - A Guide for Insurers, 24 March 2015

The CCSA has developed a short CCS guide for insurers - giving a quick overview of the technology and its importance for tackling climate change, as well as setting out the opportunities for the insurance industry.

Joint CCSA/TUC CCS Report, 3 February 2014

The Economic Benefits of CCS in the UK

The CCSA and the TUC have today launched a new report on "The Economic Benefits of CCS in the UK". The report sets out new modelling which shows that an ambitious roll-out of CCS results in reduced household electricity bills by 2030, as well as delivering 15,000-30,000 jobs by 2030 with a cumulative market value of £15-35 billion.

The report is a summary of a longer narrative report entitled "A UK Vision for Carbon Capture and Storage".

CCSA Key Messages

Our key messages

To assist with communication of our views, we have developed some high-level messages on the key issues currently facing the CCS industry in the UK. This leaflet provides a brief summary of these messages, which we are happy to make available for use by the wider CCS Community. If you would like further information about these messages, please contact us.

CCSA Report, 8 September 2011

'A Strategy for CCS in the UK and Beyond'

The Carbon Capture and Storage Association launched 'A Strategy for CCS in the UK and Beyond' on 8 September 2011.
Key highlights and recommendations of the report include:

  • A clear framework for a maintaining the momentum of the CCS Demonstration Programme and enabling a ‘Progressive Roll-Out’, with a steadily increasing build rate from 1GW in 2018 to 3GW per year in 2030 and beyond;
  • 20-30GW of power station capacity equipped with CCS by 2030, which would save 100Mt of CO2 per year with a total of 500Mt sequestered by 2030;
  • The need to urgently launch CCS demonstration in the industrial sector – emphasising the role of CCS in decarbonising, and avoiding the risk of rendering uncompetitive, many UK energy intensive industries key to our economic growth;
  • Proposals for the early planning, development and deployment of CCS infrastructure, optimized for the long-term CCS industry, which could create dramatic cost and operational efficiencies going forward;
  • Thorough, insightful analysis of further important factors to facilitate roll out, including: regulatory barriers, R&D, and political and public perception.

Other CCSA publications

For an introduction to the CCSA and its work, please download our briefing leaflet:

For further information, including why we need CCS, how it works and why we need to act now, and how the UK can lead the world in CCS technology, please download our manifesto:

To find out more about the role of CCS as an international solution to climate change, download our international manifesto:



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