10 things about CCS

Knotted chimney stack

  1. Tackling climate change without CCS will be more expensive
  2. CCS is applicable to industrial sources of carbon dioxide (CO2), not just fossil-fuelled power plant
  3. Biomass and CCS will result in negative carbon dioxide emissions
  4. CCS is already happening!
  5. CCS is creating new jobs in the UK
  6. Carbon dioxide has been safely captured, stored and transported for decades
  7. Fossil fuel power stations work even when it’s not windy or sunny, so low carbon fossil fuel power stations with CCS are complimentary to intermittent renewables and inflexible nuclear energy
  8. Disused oil and gas pipelines can be reused to transport carbon dioxide
  9. The UK’s Committee on Climate Change see CCS as a key technology
  10. Hydrogen produced in “pre-combustion capture” instal­lations can be used to power vehicles


UK coastline

What is CCS?


CCS bubble map