CCSA welcomes Conservative support for Carbon Capture & Storage

[London, 11 June 2024]— On Tuesday the Conservative Party launched their manifesto at Silverstone setting out continued commitment to Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).

This builds on a significant amount of work undertaken by the industry and the Government to progress CCUS technology and the Cluster Sequencing Programme.

It is vitally important to recognise that the UK has an opportunity to develop the world’s first large-scale integrated CCUS clusters, which will provide British industry with the means to decarbonise their operations.

The Conservative Party’s continued commitment to progressing CCUS has provided much needed reassurance to the industry who are working to deliver on the target to store 50 million tonnes of CO2 a year by 2035.

However, with key financial decisions in Track-1 needed before the end of the summer and rapid progress on Track-2 projects, the UK needs to maintain momentum in this policy area if the country is to be a global leader in CCUS technology.

Olivia, UK Director of the Carbon Capture & Storage Association said:

“The CCSA has worked with industry to progress CCUS technology and deploy CCUS at scale through the Cluster Sequencing Programme and meet the UK’s target of capturing and storing 20-30Mt of CO2 by 2030, rising to 50-60Mt by 2035.

We welcome the Conservative Party’s manifesto commitment to support and deploy carbon capture, implement import carbon pricing, and back workforce transition initiatives. The CCSA continues to advocate for the deployment of four clusters by 2030, with key financial decisions on Track-1 needed before the end of the summer and urgent progress on deploying Track-2 and Track-1 Expansion.

CCUS offers substantial environmental and economic benefits, in addition to preserving jobs and creating new opportunities across the UK’s industrial heartlands. Maintaining momentum in CCUS deployment is imperative to ensure that we decarbonise British industry and retain our position as a world leader in this important industry.”

Notes to Editors
CCUS, or Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage, is a key low carbon solution – vital to meeting the UK’s statutory Net Zero target at least cost. CCUS enables the production of clean power, clean products (such as steel and cement) and clean hydrogen – which can then be used to decarbonise heating and transport. In addition, CCUS also enables greenhouse gas removal from the atmosphere through Direct Air Capture with Storage (DACS) or Bioenergy with CCS (BECCS).

The CCSA is the trade association accelerating the commercial deployment of CCUS, with offices in the UK and Belgium. We work with members, governments and other organisations to ensure CCUS is developed and deployed at the pace and scale necessary to meet net zero goals and deliver sustainable growth across regions and nations.

The CCSA currently has over 100 member companies who are active in exploring and developing different applications of carbon capture and removals, CO2 transportation by pipeline and ship, utilisation, geological storage, and other permanent storage solutions, end-users such as power, industry, waste, fuels, and hydrogen production sectors, plus supply chain, engineering, construction and management, legal and financial consulting sectors.

For media enquiries please contact Joe Butler-Trewin on 07908 141 067/ joe.butler-trewin@ccsassocaition.org.