We play a crucial role in maintaining, repairing and replacing gas pipes across four of the eight gas distribution networks (GDNs) in the UK.

Our aim is to set a new standard on what it means for a utility taking care of an essential and vital public service.

We’re responsible for ensuring the safe and reliable flow of energy, now and long into the future. We’re proud to be at the heart of heat and work closely with our communities to keep them safe, warm and connected, providing extra care for those who might need it in a gas emergency.

As part of this we also manage the National Gas Emergency Service telephone number on behalf of the gas industry.

We recognise that we have a significant part to play in providing a cleaner, greener and sustainable future, and we are working closely with other gas networks and energy companies to pursue innovation in all aspects of our business. We know that thinking ahead means a brighter future for customers and for our planet.