Ervia is a commercial state-owned company in Ireland with responsibility for the delivery of gas and water infrastructure and services through its subsidiaries Gas Networks Ireland and Irish Water. It also provides dark fibre broadband infrastructure through its business Aurora Telecom. The company primarily operates out of Cork and Dublin and employs over 1,600 staff. In its 2015 Annual Report and Financial Statements, Ervia reported revenues of €1.3 billion.

Gas Networks Ireland develops, operates and maintains the natural gas transmission and distribution networks in Ireland, consisting of over 13,000km of gas pipelines. It constructs and extends the network to the highest international safety standards. Gas Networks Ireland provides gas transportation services to all gas suppliers and shippers. It also operates and owns gas transmission assets in Northern Ireland and the two Interconnector gas pipelines between Scotland and Ireland. Irish Water is a new national water utility responsible for providing safe, clean and affordable water and wastewater services to 1.8 million customers in the Republic of Ireland. Irish Water is now responsible for the operation of all public water and wastewater services.

To meet its carbon reduction targets, Ireland will need to reduce its annual emissions from 60 million tonnes to c. 11 Mt per annum in 2050. For the gas sector, emissions would have to drop down from 9Mt to below 1.8 Mt by 2050 to meet the 80% decarbonisation target. Ervia has been assessing innovative solutions to decarbonise gas and the gas network to help Ireland to meet its climate change targets. One such solution is CCS.