Evergas is a Danish shipping company and one of the world’s leading seaborne transporters of petrochemical and natural gases. Its main mission is to deliver gases with utmost safety and minimum environmental footprint worldwide.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and offering sustainable shipping services stays at the core of the company’s strategy. To achieve this, Evergas was the first shipowner to use ethane as a marine fuel, ethane being a significantly more environmentally friendly fuel compared to the traditional options.

Climate change poses an existential threat to the society, therefore it is crucial that both governments and business offer concrete innovative solutions in order to tackle the crisis. Evergas is strongly supporting IMO’s pathway to reduce the shipping industry’s carbon emissions and has set up precise solutions in place in order reduce its own carbon footprint. On top of this, the extensive knowledge and long history of transporting gases has determined the company to support the global carbon capture and storage efforts and invest in the design of new ships capable of LCO2 transportation.