Gassnova is the Norwegian state enterprise for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). We are on behalf of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy responsible for maturing the Full-scale CCS project in Norway to an investment decision.

Gassnova works with knowledge sharing and welcome dialogue across industries and borders.

Gassnova was established by the Norwegian authorities in 2005 to further the development of technologies and knowledge related to carbon capture and storage (CCS) and, in addition to this, serve as the adviser to the government on this issue. Gassnova is tasked with administrating the research and financing program, CLIMIT, and with ensuring the testing and developing of CCS technologies at the Technology Center Mongstad (TCM). Both CLIMIT and TCM are central elements in the work to realize Europe’s first industrial-scale project for carbon capture and storage, also known as a full-scale project.

Gassnova coordinates the ongoing work at the emission sites of Norcem’s cement factory in Brevik owned by Heidelberg Cement as well as at the Fortum Oslo Varme’s (FOV) energy recovery plant in Oslo. The pilot projects will demonstrate that the technology is functional for larger industrial plants and can set a new standard for the future’s industrial projects.

Gassnova has evaluated the potential gains and delivered a lot of reports to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy as a decision basis for the Norwegian government which aims to make an investment decision of the CCS demo projects in the fall of 2020.