Our purpose is to help your projects reach their full potential by harnessing many decades of pressure and vacuum expertise and our industry-leading range of rotating equipment technologies.

Our ambition is to help the realisation of Net Zero and make life better for everyone through our total solution provider approach; deploying mission-critical gas blower, vacuum and compressor technology into the sustainable energy sector and setting new industry standards.

Our technology-agnostic and consultative approach leads to optimal solutions for your carbon capture project, capable of prototype and pilot development for concept validation, evolving into full-scale serial production sizes. Our capabilities range from developing and deploying highly standardized offerings, to creating deeply customized solutions, meeting the most challenging requirements.

Ingersoll Rand has the broadest portfolio of air and gas blower, vacuum and compressor technologies for Carbon Capture applications, covering both Capture-at-Point-Source (post-combustion, pre-combustion and oxyfuel) processes, as Direct Air Capture applications. We have excellent capabilities to develop and introduce new rotating equipment solutions in order to meet the increasingly demanding specifications of the Sustainable Energy marketplace.

We strive to expand and optimize our product and service offerings to the evolving requirements of our customers and their applications through our dedicated Research & Development facilities and our significant investments in innovation.

We want to, and will, define the standard regarding performance and energy efficiency beyond the market expectation.

Today, we are already successfully partnering with dominant Carbon Capture Technology & Solution developers in order to produce scalable total systems and their go-to-market execution.