O.C.O Technology Ltd. specialises in carbon capture, sustainable construction products and waste treatment. Built on more than 20 years of award-winning research, our Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) has helped make us a world leader in the permanent capture of carbon dioxide. The process has further benefit in the valorisation of thermal wastes as construction products. The three commercial facilities in the UK transform 200,000 tonnes per year of inorganic thermal process residues into an aggregate with application in construction blocks and road making materials. The aggregate incorporates more carbon dioxide (CO2) than is emitted in its manufacture, resulting in the world’s first carbon negative aggregate. New facilities in the UK are in development as we pursue opportunities to treat residues from the energy from waste sector as well as other materials from a variety of industrial processes.

O.C.O is very active globally, with operational plants in Japan and in development in Spain, Russia and Australia. We have established strategic partnerships with a number of high profile, international industrial businesses and are actively engaged in new research and development. This r&d is developing new patents and opening up some exciting new prospects for significant international exploitation.