The Oil and Gas Climate Initiative is a voluntary, CEO-led initiative which aims to lead the industry response to climate change. Launched in 2014, OGCI is currently made up of ten oil and gas companies that pool expert knowledge and collaborate on action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Its billion-dollar investment arm, OGCI Climate Investments, supports the development, deployment and scale-up of low emissions technology.

What is the goal of the initiative?

OGCI is committed to the direction set out in the Paris Agreement. We support its agenda for global action and the need for urgency. Through our collaboration in Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), we can be a catalyst for change in our industry and more widely. OGCI aims to increase the ambition, speed and scale of the initiatives we undertake as individual companies to reduce the greenhouse gas footprint of our core oil and gas business – and to explore new businesses and technologies.
OGCI focuses its initiatives on areas where we believe we can make the most impact on greenhouse gas emissions now and remove obstacles to the development, deployment and scale-up of technologies needed to achieve long-term climate goals.

We collaborate and invest with others to bring scale and greater speed to emission reductions to the oil and gas value chain.