ZCEIU, Zero Carbon Energy Innovation Union. Inc(CA, U.S.), currently has MPT (UK) and CEPT (CN) as sister-companies. Since 1994, ZCEIU has been adhering to NSW (Nature Solution Ways) - an emission reduction technology route which is advanced in high efficiency of using natural resources and zero chemical in its whole process. Since 2000,ZCEIU has brought China's and world-width the breakthrough and acceleration of land-based and sea-based FGD deployment. After the Paris Agreement the NSW CCS has been upgraded and developed base on FGD spillover knowledge and applications. The features of NSW CCS are as follows:

• Comply with MARPOL and the London Convention, marine eco-friendly.
• Mature technology, ultra-low cost and conducive to promoting international carbon trading
• Support full chain CCS immediate deployment for existing coastal thermal powers and other large-scale point sources.

NSW technologies under development are as follows:
• Medium and deep decarbonization of fossil energy;
• Geological brine carbon sequestration;

ZCEIU will continuously bring innovative green solutions for the transformation of clean energy.