Calix is a company based in Sydney, Australia whose core business is the commercialisation of minerals processing technology, primarily focussed on the Catalytic Steam Calcination of limestone, dolomite and magnesite.

Calcining is the process through which oxides result from the burning of minerals or metals at high temperatures. Calcined materials have many well established markets such as (i) agriculture and fertilisers (ii) cement and building products (iii) carbon capture and sequestration.

Calix is firmly focussed on the staged technical development and commercialisation of various calcining technologies to which it has the sole proprietary rights. Calix's Business Plan will see the company develop its Continuous Flash Calcining technology into scaleable plants for licensing into different industries around the world and to develop a range of reactive materials for the agricultural and building products sectors.

Our first demonstration Catalytic Flash Calcining plant is now running at 20ktpa of MgO (with CO2 capture) outside Melbourne.

The patented Calix technology allows for an efficient and effective processing of a range of minerals, while at the same time, allowing the capture of CO2 which would have historically been released into the atmosphere. A variant of the technology can also be used to capture CO2 from the fuel or exhaust gases of power stations or manufacturing plants.

Calix is also developing its Continuous Flash Calcination technology to be used to capture CO2 from fossil fuel burning plants thus aiming to become a key link in the carbon capture and sequestration chain. Our first product will be the Flexi-Fuel Endex reactor which enables an IGCC to be fuelled by coal or natural gas, both with 90% carbon capture, and minimal overall efficiency loss. It can be retrofitted to an NGCC plant to capture carbon with minimal efficiency loss.




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