Baroness Liddell


Jonathan Briggs



Luke Warren

Chief Executive

Luke Warren is the Chief Executive at the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA) and started his current position in October 2013. He joined the CCSA in 2009.

Luke has worked on a wide range of CCS policy issues for the association, including UK Electricity Market Reform, CCS regulations, European CCS activities as well as international bodies working on CCS and climate change issues. In his role he has provided evidence to Governments, developed multiple papers and spoken widely on CCS matters. He is regularly invited to participate in various national and international activities and groups that promote CCS as a response to concerns over climate change. Prior t o joining the CCSA Luke worked in a number of positions in the energy industry.

Olivia Powis

Head of UK Office

Olivia Powis is Head of the UK Office at the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA), where she works in partnership with the Chief Executive and CCSA Board on developing the UK strategy and work programme of the association.

Before joining the CCSA, Olivia was a Senior Policy Manager at the National Infrastructure Commission where she led on a number of projects including; a review of UK economic regulation, the role of infrastructure in housing and developing the NIC’s first Diversity and Inclusion strategy. Her background is in energy regulation and policy development as well as strategic communications.

Chris Gent

Policy Manager

Chris joined the Carbon Capture and Storage Association in January 2019 after five years working as a Deep Subsurface Geoscientist at the British Geological Survey.

During his time at the British Geological Survey, Chris specialised on offshore CO2 storage site appraisal in the North Sea and East Irish Sea Basins. Chris brings a strong technical understanding of the geological aspects of CCS to the secretariat and is passionate to ensure that strong policy frameworks can be introduced to accelerate CCUS deployment across the UK and Europe.

Charlie Garner

Policy Officer

Charlie is the Policy Officer at the Carbon Capture and Storage Association and coordinates the CCSA’s Technical Working Group.

Charlie worked as an ESG analyst for a blended finance organisation, providing policy and market research to its Private Equity Team. He has also organised several climate – related investor events at the World Economic Forum, engaging with a variety of stakeholders across the geo – political and financial landscape. He holds a First – Class BSc (Environmental Science) and an MSc (Carbon Management) from the University of Edinburgh. His thesis, ‘Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK: Challenges and Constraints’, won the University Prize for Best Environmental Science Dissertation. Charlie is passionate about carbon management, sustainable finance and thought leadership across the international climate community.

Judith Shapiro

Communications Manager

Judith Shapiro is the Communications Manager at the Carbon Capture and Storage Association, where she covers a wide range of topics; in particular ensuring that the varying views of the Association are appropriately represented in the political environment, the media, social media and the wider stakeholder community.

Prior to joining CCSA, Judith worked for both the UK Business Council for Sustainable Energy and the Combined Heat and Power Association as a Researcher.


Per-Olof Granström

EU Director

Per-Olof Granström is the EU Director at CCSA. He has previously held various positions in the European energy sector, such as: Secretary General of EDSO, Vice Chairman of the Global Smart Grid Federation, Director of European Affairs at Vattenfall, Executive Vice President at Swedenergy and Vice President/ Director of trade at Nord Pool, the Nordic Power Exchange. He holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping University in Sweden.

Giorgia Bozzini

EU Policy and Communications Officer

As EU policy and communications officer for CCSA, Giorgia is actively involved in the ZEP Secretariat and SET – Plan Implementation Working Group 9 on CCUS. She supports the policy and outreach activities of ZEP – coordinating the work of Network Policy & Economics and Network Technology and monitoring the EU policy agenda. Prior to joining the CCSA, Giorgia worked for a European political foundation, catering to a network of forty-six members across Europe. Giorgia holds a Masters degree from the Université Libre de Bruxelles – Institut d’Etudes Européennes (ULB–IEE).

Meghann Kissane

EU Communications and Events Officer

Meghann Kissane is the Communications and Events Officer at CCSA in Brussels. Prior to joining CCSA, Meghann worked in Brussels as Communications Advisor at SolarPower Europe, the European solar power association. Meghann is a graduate of the University of Limerick, Ireland with a BA in Applied Languages, majoring in French, Spanish and German.