UK Carbon Capture Project Pipeline


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Instructions for use

  • Click on the diagonal arrow icon in the right corner to open the map in full-screen mode
  • To filter for projects, either select a site on the map, select the project type on the treemap, or use the filters on the right hand side of the dashboard
  • Hover your mouse over projects on the map and a tooltip will appear. This Tooltip displays relevant project information
  • To reset the tool back to its original settings, use the red ‘Clear filters’ button on the top right hand corner of the page
  • If the map does not show, please use this link to open in a new window.

About the tool

This tool displays information on identified carbon dioxide (CO2) capture projects in the UK, including, where disclosed:
• estimated location,
• the projected CO2 capture per year (MtCO2/yr) of these projects once operational,
• the type of project, by sector and by anticipated government support package (where relevant)
• the project’s engagement with the Government cluster sequencing programme (where relevant)

It has been produced for illustrative purposes, and should not be taken as guaranteeing that any particular project will become operational.

The information in the tool has either been provided by CCSA members and project developers, or through desktop research using publicly available information. The source of the data for a particular CO2 capture project can be seen in the tooltip that appears when a project is selected on the map.

Note that data provided in the dashboard has not been independently verified and does not, and is not intended to, constitute investment advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this dashboard are for illustrative purposes only


The tool was last updated on 1st April 2024.

The primary data in the tool will be updated every two months, on the first working day of the month, starting on 1st December 2023

If you wish to provide data to the CCSA for display in this tool, please complete this form. Your data will be added to the tool at the next update.

If you notice any errors in the tool, please complete the form above or email

Notes on the data
Due to the way that data is gathered for this map:

  • The project list featured here may not be exhaustive
  • The projected CO2 capture figures presented may differ from other CCSA, or other organisations’ publications
  • Locations are approximate
  • Some data appears as “[withheld]” due to it not being in the public domain and CCSA not receiving permission from the data provider to publish it.
  • Where commercial operations date (COD) data is not in the public domain, or has not been provided, a placeholder date of 2040 has been used to enable the ‘filter by COD date’ functionality.