CCS Network Codes


CCS Network Codes

CCS Network Code Legislation will provide for a licensing regime that will prohibit the carrying out of the activities of carbon dioxide transportation and storage unless authorised by a licence (or exempt in limited circumstances). The licence conditions will require T&SCo to have in place a network code, to be known as the CCS Network Code.

The CCS Network Code will set out the commercial and technical rules and arrangements between T&SCos and Users, and between individual T&SCos, in relation to:

  1. the connection by Users to a transport and storage network (“T&S Network”), or part of a T&S Network;
  2. the delivery of carbon dioxide by Users into the T&S Network at a delivery point;
  3. the transportation and storage of carbon dioxide delivered by Users at delivery points;
  4. the operation and maintenance of each T&S Network; and
  5. the interface between T&SCos in relation to different T&S Networks or parts of a T&S Network.

The CCSA is using existing Member Working Group sub-groups (also open to non-CCSA members to join) to hold weekly meetings to outline and review the draft Heads of Terms. If you would like to be involved in this process please contact

Network Code Events

CCS Network Codes: June – July 2023 Sprint Process


Timelines & Topics:

Wed 24th May: CCS Network Codes: welcome event for Capture projects

Wed 7th June: Focused session on: Governance; Subsidiary documents.

Wed 14th June: Focused session on Network use and capacity.

Wed 21th June: Focused session on: Maintenance planning; Industrial processes.

Wed 28th June: Focused session on: Constraint management; Metering.

Wed 5th July: Focused session on: Charges, invoicing, and payment

Wed 12 July: Focused session – subject(s) TBC

CCS Network Codes – January 2024 DESNZ sessions


Timelines & Topics (dates subject to change): 

15th January: Intro to code development and consultation – Section A & Ancillary agreements – Section B: Governance

17th January: Section C: Connection – Section E: Maintenance – Section G: Industrial Procedures

23rd January: Section E: Capacity & nominations, capacity constraints

24th January: Section D: Network structure & planning – Section H : Charges, invoicing & payment

30th January: Section F: Metering, CO2 reuse – Section I: Data (incl. the CDS)

31st January: Section J: General (incl. section E security provisions), (further content TBC)