CCSA Blog: Reflections from new CCSA staff members

Over the past 7 months the CCSA team has expanded rapidly, and we have been delighted to welcome 6 new staff members across our London and Brussels offices. Here our new hires reflect on their time at the CCSA so far, and discuss what they have been working on and what they are most looking forward to in the future. 

Olivia Trimborn, Public Affairs and Communications Officer

I joined the CCSA team in mid-February, and my current responsibilities encompass supporting the CCUS All Party Parliamentary Group and influencing legislation, coordinating with parliamentarians and stakeholders, and engaging with the press and social media. 

Looking ahead, I’m excited to support the CCSA’s presence at the Party Conferences, which are taking place over the next couple of weeks. A significant milestone we eagerly anticipate is the Energy Bill reaching royal assent, a crucial piece of legislation that has been propelled by the collective determination of the CCSA, our members, and supporting parliamentarians, ensuring the significance of CCUS remains at the forefront. 

As we witness the escalating momentum within the CCUS industry, I am humbled to contribute my efforts as part of the diligent and accomplished team here at the CCSA. 

Kristina Antoniou, Membership Communications and Events Officer

I joined the CCSA at the end of February, supporting the London team’s communications, events and membership activities. I have particularly enjoyed supporting the CCSA’s busy programme of events, especially the new Member Discussion Forums, and our President’s Reception in July. 

The CCUS sector has seen tremendous growth in the past few months, with major government announcements on the Cluster Sequencing Programme. I’m looking forward to seeing the industry further develop and truly start kicking into action, as well as supporting the extensive ongoing preparation for the CCSA’s annual conference taking place in just under three weeks. 

Max Musing, Policy Officer

Since I joined the CCSA back in March, at a critical moment for the CCUS sector, my focus has been on helping to formulate our response to key CCUS policy developments, and building momentum for the development of a homegrown CCUS supply chain through the work of the Supply Chain Working Group and the publication of the CCSA Supply Chain Good Practice Guidance and the CCUS Workforce and Skills Position Paper.                               

I am particularly looking forward to building on this foundational work and galvanising the opportunities offered by CCUS supply chain development, and assisting our members to take advantage of the various domestic and international opportunities that are on offer. 

Rebecca Bell, Research and Projects Manager

I joined the team at the end of May – although part of the London team, I live in Edinburgh, so I spend a lot of time being envious of the weather my colleagues are enjoying!  Since I started, I’ve been working on the update to our Delivery Plan, which has just been published this week – and it feels like I’ve released my baby into the world! I’ve also been working on a map of the CO₂ capture projects in the UK, and a study looking at the potential size of the global market for low-carbon products made using CCS and/or hydrogen. 

I’m looking forward to getting the capture map published and having people use the map and our updated Delivery Plan. I’m also looking forward to getting some spades in the ground and getting CCS projects and infrastructure built – and doing what I can to help the industry get to that stage. 

Kristin Heidebroek, EU Public Affairs and Communications Officer

I have joined the CCSA team based in Brussels, supporting the work of the Zero Emissions Platform – the European initiative advising the EU and advocating for the accelerated deployment of CCS and CCU. As part of the Secretariat, my primary focus has been on ensuring that the voices of the CCS and CCU community resonate in European policymaking.  

This is a turning point to achieve climate neutrality. By being part of the CCSA at this pivotal moment, with CCS gaining tremendous traction, I am looking forward to contributing actively to the collective efforts that steer European policies in the right direction. 

Beth Hebditch, Policy Manager

This September I joined the CCSA’s UK Policy team, where my primary focus will be co-ordinating the CCSA’s Technical Working Group. During my first few weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed engaging with industry, committees, and policy makers on the technical aspects of CCUS research, planning and deployment.  

I have joined the team at an action-packed time as the CCUS sector reacts to crucial announcements (such as the £20 billion funding allocation and Track 2 cluster sequencing). With our members I am excited to explore the practical realities of CCUS policy as projects gain momentum and the UK’s industrial and energy sectors make considerable steps towards decarbonisation.  

The full CCSA team at our President’s Reception in July.