CCSA Comments on Climate Change Committee report “Delivering a reliable decarbonised power system”

EMBARGOED UNTIL 00:01 9th March 2023

The Climate Change Committee has today published a new report “Delivering a reliable decarbonised power system”.

Ruth Herbert, Chief Executive at the CCSA, said:

“Today’s report from the Climate Change Committee is clear – Carbon Capture, and Storage (CCS) will be critical to delivering a decarbonised GB electricity system by 2035, alongside 70% renewable generation.

CCS will provide flexible low-carbon generation, either through gas-fired power stations fitted with CCS or CCS-enabled hydrogen used in power generation. Furthermore, the CCC modelling clearly shows that the majority of hydrogen production between now and 2035 will be CCS-enabled. 

To achieve this we need to move much much faster – the Government’s CCUS cluster programme needs to confirm now that it will significantly ramp up the number of CCS-enabled flexible power and hydrogen projects to be commissioned this decade. We also need a clear strategy for developing and expanding at pace the critical CCS and hydrogen infrastructure that will be vital for not just the power sector, but also industrial decarbonisation.

We are delighted to see the recommendation from the CCC that Government should commit to a long-term cross-sectoral infrastructure strategy, and we look forward to working with our members to drive this forward”.

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