CCSA quote regarding Norwegian Government announcement to proceed with the large-scale industrial CCS programme

In response to today’s Norwegian Government Budget announcement to allocate €29.2 million to the continued development of the large-scale industrial CCS programme, Dr Luke Warren, Chief Executive of the CCSA, commented:

“We are encouraged to see that the Norwegian Government has today moved a step closer to realising a Norwegian industrial CCS cluster.

The commitment to further studies for both the Norcem cement plant and the Klemetsrud waste-toenergy facility is globally significant – as both of these would represent world-first low-carbon industrial projects through CCS, enabling these industries to contribute to clean growth.

The Norwegian Government will also take forward the development of CCS transport and storage infrastructure on the west coast of Norway. Developing CO2 storage assets for Europe is of vital importance to meet Paris Agreement climate targets and to decarbonise some of our most important industrial sectors.

The UK is due to publish its CCUS Deployment Pathway by the end of this year. We must ensure that this Pathway delivers a strong new approach to CCS that places the UK alongside Norway as a global leader in this vital technology and makes full use of the UK’s expertise and strategic CO2 storage assets”.

The Norwegian Government announcement can be found here.

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