CCSA responds to the Climate Change Committee’s 2022 Progress Report to Parliament

29 June 2022, London – The Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA), the trade body for the Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) industry, welcomes the Climate Change Committee’s 2022 Progress Report to Parliament, published today.

Ruth Herbert, Chief Executive of the CCSA said:

“Today’s report from the Climate Change Committee is clear – the UK is not on track to deliver net zero and we need to move much further and faster on CCUS specifically.

Our CCUS Delivery Plan is a call to action for Government, to urgently confirm the business models for both CCUS and hydrogen and to provide clarity to investors on the process for selecting the next wave of clusters that must be operational by 2030.

By establishing a successful CCUS industry with a homegrown UK supply chain, we can unlock other climate solutions such as greenhouse gas removals which will be vital for harder-to-abate sectors such as aviation. The UK has a tremendous unique opportunity to become a global leader in this crucial technology, but we need to push the pedal now.”



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