Markets and Mandates – How best to drive pace in CCS deployment?

Markets and Mandates: How best to drive pace in CCS deployment?

A new briefing paper: Briefing Note. Markets and Mandates – How best to drive pace in CCS deployment out today from the CCSA, Oxford Net Zero and the Carbon Balance Initiative kicks off work to explore the role of markets and mandates in driving CCS in order to reach net zero by 2050.  The briefing has been developed based on existing positions in the spirit of posing questions and prompting discussion and feedback.  This paper is deliberately designed to not reach any conclusive positions at this stage.

Focusing particularly on policy options for scaling up CO2 storage, the paper sets out three key types of policy mechanism and drills into one potential option: a carbon takeback / storage obligation.

This briefing paper will form the basis of a roundtable that the three parties are holding during COP 28 in Dubai, to explore the issues and considerations around market and mandate measures, in order to identify the key questions and suggest a scope for later economic modelling work that we hope will be taken forward as part of the wider industry workplan, following the publication of the CCUS Vision work anticipated next month.

If you are interested in finding out more about the CCSA’s work on markets and mandates, please contact Rebecca Bell (Rebecca.bell@ccsassociation.org).