CCSA/ZEP webinar: Charting the course for CCS: Launch of the CO2 transport by ship report

The Zero Emissions Platform and the CCSA are launching the “CO2 transport by ship” report. Join us for insightful presentations and discussions about the role of CO2 transport by ship, exploring opportunities and perspectives to accelerate the deployment of the CCS value chain.

The webinar recording can be accessed here.


The European Commission aims for the EU to capture and store 50 million tonnes of CO2 annually by 2030 through its Net Zero Industry Act. Meeting this objective necessitates the rapid deployment of the entire CO2 infrastructure value chain, including the transportation of CO2.

Transport of CO2 by ship plays a vital role in the CO2 infrastructure, which will enable emitters across Europe to connect to safe and permanent storage. CO2 transport by ship also contributes to equitable access for all countries and becomes particularly valuable when other transport options (pipeline, rail, truck) are not viable. Maritime transport is essential to connect dispersed industries to CO2 storage sites.

While the significance of shipping in large-scale CCS deployment is gaining recognition at both the EU and national level, there is an urgent need to define the future scope of CO2 transport by ship in the European market. This requires investigating the number of vessels potentially required, the location of strategic ports, and the volumes expected to be transported annually.
The CCSA and ZEP have joined forces to identify barriers and enablers and provide recommendations to European policymakers to support the development of this market. The report findings and recommendations will be presented during the webinar to assist companies, regulators, and decision-makers in navigating the emerging CO2 transport market.


This event gathers industry leaders, experts in CO2 transport by ship, policymakers and CCS project promoters. Together, they will deep dive into the nascent CCS market and the crucial role of shipping in deploying the CCS value-chain.


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