Decentralised Energy Conference

Organised by The Association for Decentralised Energy.

The theme for our 2023 conference is the Great British Energy Debates. Join us as we bring together expert presenters and panellists to share their views on the hottest energy topics of our time.

As a General Election approaches, we’ll debate the role politics will play in the future of our sectors going forward. What can we expect from a new Government, of whichever colour, and how far does major policy across decentralised energy now have a momentum all of its own? We will also debate the importance of nearer term targets and their impetus for change – whether that be the 2035 target to fully decarbonise the electricity system or the upcoming, and at risk, 6th Carbon Budget.

We’ll also look at the important innovations we’ve seen in response to the crisis and that continue to push our sector forward – often beyond what the consensus considered was possible. As we begin to regulate the heat and flexibility sectors and existing energy regulation comes under ever greater scrutiny, how do we find a new balance and can regulation in some circumstances support greater innovation?

And finally, it will look at some of the big questions the energy crisis has left us with and that will become even more pressing as we get deeper into the transition – including how much should we pay as a country to avoid blackouts and how much should we be prepared to risk to avoid a gold-plated, unaffordable system?

Visit the conference website here.