With its core strengths as a leading industrial gases company with more than 60 years of hydrogen experience - and supported by a culture of product innovation - Air Products is a global leader in technology solutions for capturing CO₂ from fossil fuel conversion. Our view spans all fossil fuels from natural gas to coal, using reforming, gasification, and oxyfuel combustion. Our technology is informed by operational experience gained at many facilities that already separate, purify and transport CO₂ and includes the design, construction and operation of a world-scale CO2 capture facility based on proprietary technology at Port Arthur, Texas.

In the field of hydrogen mobility, use of the company’s fuelling technology is increasing and is used in over 1,500,000 hydrogen fills per year in 20 countries.  Several Air Products sites are operating at rates of over 75,000 fills per year.

Air Products had fiscal 2022 sales of $12.7 billion from operations in 50 countries.  The Company is actively pursuing substantial opportunities for continued worldwide growth in the fields of large-scale gasification, carbon capture, and hydrogen.