Aker Carbon Capture is a leading pure play technology provider. We are one of few groups globally that has extensive knowledge of the entire CCUS value chain. Through our portfolio of unique technology and expertise, we strive to mitigate the environmental cost of industry for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Best-in-Class HSE

HSE-friendly CO2 capture is essential when realizing carbon capture at scale. Aker Carbon Capture delivers best-in-class HSE based on our patented, proprietary solvent and technologies that prevent hazardous emissions.

To find the optimal solvent, we led Northern Europe’s largest R&D program together with industry and Norwegian research partners. We used more than 45 researchers over eight years to test more than 90 different solvent cocktails.

Best-in-Class HSE Profile
● Non-toxic
● Non-hazardous for aquatic organisms
● Readily biodegradable
● Improved energy consumption
● Low degradation and waste
● Minimum corrosion
● Efficient reclamation with an HSS removal of about 90 percent

Cost-Efficient and High-Performing
● CO2 capture rates of over 90 percent
● Minimum emission to air
● More than 99 percent CO2 purity
● Minimum liquid waste
● Less energy requirement
● Cheaper materials with a lifetime of more than 25 years
● Easy operation and monitoring

Proven Technology

Aker Carbon Capture technology is cost-effective, robust and flexible, meaning it can be applied to existing plants or new builds. Our process technology has more than 50,000 operating hours and is certified by DNV GL for multiple applications.

Our proprietary carbon capture process uses a mixture of water and organic amine solvents to absorb the CO2. This process can be applied on emissions from various sources, from gas, coal, cement, refineries, and waste-to-energy through to hydrogen and other process industries.