Established in 1867, Babcock & Wilcox (B&W) is a global leader in renewable, environmental and thermal technologies and services for power and industrial applications. Our extensive global base of installed equipment serves utilities and general industrial applications including power generation, refining, petrochemical, food processing, metals and other commercial installations.

As the world moves toward a lower-carbon future, we understand that clean energy is driving the demands of today’s energy marketplace, and we are poised to respond with our innovative ClimateBright™ suite of decarbonization solutions. Having earned more than 90 patents for carbon capture over the past four decades, we are leaders in decarbonization research and development.

Our technologies can effectively isolate and capture CO2, produce hydrogen, steam and/or syngas, and can be applied to a range of industries including energy production, food manufacturing, steel, cement, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, carbon black, pulp and paper and others.

B&W’s ClimateBright™ platform includes:
• BrightLoop™ chemical looping/hydrogen production
• SolveBright™ post-combustion CO2 scrubbing
• OxyBright™ oxy-fuel combustion
• BrightGen™ hydrogen combustion

While these technologies are in various stages of demonstration and commercial application, we continue to seek partners, developers and opportunities to further the advancement of these innovative carbon capture technologies. We anticipate that membership in CCSA will provide access to other industry professionals and stakeholders who have the same net-zero and sustainability goals as we do.

In addition to our activities in decarbonization, we are leaders in other renewable and environmental solutions as well. Our waste-to-energy (WTE) technologies have been supplied to more than 500 installations worldwide. As an integral part of a circular economy, WTE is a cost-effective and ecologically sound way to recover valuable resources by producing electricity and/or providing heating and cooling, by diverting waste from landfills, and reducing methane emissions.

Our full suite of emissions control and environmental technology solutions includes wet, dry and hybrid cooling systems, ash handling systems, particulate control, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides removal, mercury control, and flue gas condensation for energy recovery. We have also partnered with key contributors to deliver the next generation of safe, scalable, efficient and sustainable energy storage solutions.

Although our history is deeply rooted in providing thermal solutions such as advanced steam generation equipment, boiler cleaning systems, aftermarket parts and upgrades, construction, maintenance and field engineering services, we have diversified in the tools we use and the technologies we supply. One thing that has not and will never change is our commitment to engineering a better way. This is how we are Transforming Our World.