C-Capture designs world leading chemical processes for carbon dioxide removal. C-Capture has patented a unique, safe, low cost, solvent-based technology which can be deployed on most industrial processes requiring CO2 separation from other gases, including power stations, cement plants, hydrogen production facilities, steel or glass making factories, bio- or natural gas upgrading plants.

C-Capture’s technology has been specifically developed as an alternative to amine-based systems, which are the main commercial offerings at present. We believe our technology is sufficiently differentiated that it will provide customers with multiple benefits, including reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

C-Capture’s technology represents an attractive option due to reduced energy penalties, reduced solvent degradation without potential nitrosamine formation, and reduced materials of construction costs due to very low solvent corrosivity. The solvent components are not classed as hazardous and are based on inexpensive commodity chemicals which are biodegradable and potentially also available from renewable resources.

The fundamentally different chemical processes operating in C-Capture’s process means it represents a true step change in performance. These differences are significant enough for C-Capture’s ground-breaking technology to be considered disruptive and is particularly attractive to both end-users and investors. C-Capture’s technology has the potential to become the dominant technology with reduced cost and reduced environmental impact. It could therefore enable the CCS market to expand more rapidly.