Compact Membrane Systems (CMS) is pioneering the transition to clean energy and enhancing the efficiency of chemical processing through innovative membrane solutions. Headquartered in Northern Delaware, CMS develops and commercializes robust and efficient separation solutions for challenging environments. Since its establishment in 1993, CMS continues to make membrane systems used in diverse applications such as transformers, wind turbines, marine systems, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and bulk gasoline storage. Its Optiperm™ facilitated-transport technology has wide-ranging applications for heavy industry, lowering the energy requirement and easing the capital burden to deploy separation systems. Manufacturing and development takes place in Newport, Delaware, where the company also performs R&D, product development, systems modeling, business development, operations, and management. Additionally, CMS benefits from the expertise of a select group of investors, including Pangea Ventures, GC Ventures, Solvay Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, and Technip Energies.

At Compact Membrane Systems, we are working to make CCUS accessible and affordable for industry by decreasing the cost of capture, which accounts for over 50% of the cost of CCUS today. Our advanced membrane technology, Optiperm™ Carbon, uses chemistry and a modular design to deliver a separation solution that is cost-effective, energy efficient, and scalable.