Cool Planet Technologies (CPT) is a carbon capture company aiming to significantly reduce the cost of removing carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas emissions using a membrane-based technology. The process can be used across a wide range of industries and applications and can be flexibly configured from a few thousand to multi-millions of tonnes per annum (tpa).

The energy efficient solution can capture up to 99% of the carbon dioxide from a flue gas, exporting it as either a gas or liquid with a purity of 99.9%. The compact, modular process has a small footprint making it an ideal for both retrofit or new-build solutions. Operationally, the process is extremely flexible with rapid start-up, shut-down response and excellent turn up/down capability.

CPT is working with Holcim to decarbonise their Höver cement plant near Hannover in Germany. The technology has been previously piloted in two coal-fired power station projects and a highly successful third pilot was completed at Höver in May as part the project there. A demonstration plant capable of capturing up to 16,000 tpa will commence operations in 2023 which will be followed by 200,000 tpa and 1,000,00 tpa plants in early 2025 and late 2026 respectively.

The membrane used in CPT’s process was developed by Helmholtz Zentrum Hereon, part of Germany’s largest research organisation. CPT and Hereon are collaborating in the development, up-scaling, demonstration and commercialisation of the technology.

The investors in CPT are ENI next, Audacy Ventures and Neva SGR.