DNV provides world-class CCUS expertise for technical assurance, testing, advisory and risk management. Our specialist CCUS team is supported by more than 200 engineers in CO2-related disciplines worldwide. We provide expertise in process engineering, flue gas treatment, material technology, testing, corrosion, pipeline integrity, geology, geophysics, oil and gas reservoirs, EOR, well integrity risk and reliability, environmental impact, techno-economics, stakeholder management and CCUS strategy.

At our Spadeadam and Groningen test sites you can carry out full-scale and lab scale testing of any integrity, corrosion and safety issue specifically for CO2 applications.

The widely-adopted DNV industry guidelines and Recommended Practices for CCUS are developed through joint industry projects and are freely available. Currently we run several innovation programs, like HiPerCap, Pipetrans, Subsea CO2, ECO2 and IMPACTS and we are involved in developing the new ISO standard for CCS. We also work with partners in World Business Council for Sustainable Development to speed up carbon capture and storage as a critical part of the solution to climate change.

Our services span the entire global value chain of CO2: capture, conditioning, compression, transport and storage. We build trust for industries, investors and governing bodies, from strategic planning through technology demonstration to operational excellence.

What we offer:
• CCUS technology qualification
• CCUS techno-economical due diligence and benchmarking
• CCUS feasibility and risk assessments
• CO2 storage certification
• CCUS knowledge management and training