Endrava is a Norwegian climate-tech company founded in 2016. We’re engineers by training, focused on enhancing the value of public data to improve decisions about climate change mitigation.

Our product is called CaptureMap, a map-based platform that is rapidly becoming the industry standard for all decarbonization projects. We now have individual facility-level data for more than 15 000 industrial sites across 156 countries with a combined volume of nearly 16 gigatons of annual CO2 emissions. Organizations leverage CaptureMap to build and qualify sales funnels, engage and persuade internal and external stakeholders of decarbonization potential, identify synergies of scale and drive strategic product and service development.

Our approach starts with a large and growing set of public data sources. We then apply Endravas Emissions Engine to combine, clean and standardize the datasets, using advanced algorithms to detect outliers, correct location info, and harmonize information fields. Results are finally made easily available through the cloud using Microsoft’s PowerBI Platform.

CaptureMap provides unrivaled data quality based on our deep industry knowledge. With an intuitive interface, we help customers focus on the projects that matter to accelerate the adoption of their sustainable technologies and solutions. In the end, it’s about building better decarbonization projects - faster. CaptureMap will point you in the right direction.