ERM is a global sustainability, environmental, health & safety and risk management consultancy that is at the forefront of helping to deliver successful Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage (CCUS) solutions. ERM understands the benefits of CCUS in controlling emissions in the Power Generation sector as well as the Industrial Sectors such as metals and chemicals. ERM also understands the importance of CCUS in the generation of hydrogen in a bid to decarbonise the gas network and transport infrastructure. ERM is proud to work directly with clients in those sectors, understanding the complexities of their operations, their emissions and the hurdles of investing in CCUS. Indeed ERM is currently working on several projects in the UK and USA focussing on the risks, benefits and controls for the future use of hydrogen. ERM can therefore combine expertise in the day to day operation of facilities with knowledge of CCUS to develop workable sustainable options.

ERM provides CCUS support from project inception, through to implementation. Our services include strategic support for developers and businesses in assessing project viability, securing private finance and government funding, and successfully delivering planning and permitting consents. To complement the support provided to developers, we assist UK regulators in developing methodologies for the evaluation of technical challenges, along with advising policy makers throughout Europe on CCUS regulation.

By bringing together the skills and experience of our world-leading Climate Change, Risk Management and Impact Assessment and Planning practices, ERM provides a unique one-stop service to government, corporate, business unit, and project clients in managing CCUS issues. ERM has worked with clients across the world to identify risks and opportunities related to climate change since the early 1990s. Preparing for and mitigating the effects of legislation and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction initiatives is imperative in maintaining a competitive edge in a carbon constrained world. As new emission constraints and carbon trading regimes emerge, ERM can help clients not only abate risk, but identify potential commercial opportunities.