About GLJ

As global energy consultants, GLJ’s expertise has evolved throughout our 50 years to meet the world’s need for responsible, sustainable energy. Our team of engineers, geoscientists and business professionals are international leaders in both emerging and traditional energy services. We are future-thinking and have a proven track record of helping our clients find the right sustainable solutions that allow them to thrive.
GLJ helps businesses navigate the changing energy landscape and gives them confidence when taking the next step with tailored sustainable strategies – regardless of the phase of the project or business sector.


GLJ is a global leader in Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) evaluation, offering specialized services to meet your unique business goals. With over 50 years of experience in energy evaluations and 30 years of expertise in CCUS and CCS, our dedicated team provides customized solutions for your needs. Our comprehensive services include site screening and environmental assessments, geological modeling, dynamic simulation, independent evaluations, economic modeling, monitoring, and storage capacity certification. GLJ’s extensive experience in CCS, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), gas storage, and reservoir surveillance gives our clients confidence in their business plans.