GLJ is an independent subsurface technical advisory, that has been supporting the global energy sector since 1972. Our team of over 100 engineers, geoscientists and business professionals have performed highly complex technical evaluations of assets in over 65 countries and serve over 200 energy clients annually. Based in Canada, GLJ has been at the forefront of CO2 and Acid Gas Injection technologies for 30 years. GLJ has already brought its experience with operational Canadian carbon sequestration projects into Europe, where it is currently supporting operators in CO2 storage evaluation in the North Sea. As Hydrogen is set to form part of our decarbonised energy mix, GLJ performs H2 storage evaluations in subsurface salt caverns and supports CCS developments needed for low-carbon H2 projects. GLJ has strong expertise in evaluating depleted reservoirs and saline aquifers targeted for CO2 sequestration and salt cavern modelling for H2 storage. Our comprehensive services include site screening, geological and geomechanical modelling, dynamic simulation, economic modelling, monitoring plans, and storage capacity certification, as well as support for FEED studies, project development plans and operations.