GRTgaz is Europe’s second-largest gas transmission operator, with 32,618 km of pipes and 640 TWh of gas transported.

Embracing innovation and facing new ecological and digital challenges, GRTgaz is actively transforming its network. Committed to a 100% carbon-neutral French gas mix by 2050, GRTgaz supports the development of hydrogen and renewable gases like biomethane and gases derived from solid and liquid waste.

GRTgaz fulfils public service missions to guarantee the safety of gas transmission for its 879 clients (shippers, distributors, industrial companies, biomethane plants and producers). With its subsidiaries Elengy, the European leader in LNG terminal services, and GRTgaz Deutschland, operator of the MEGAL transmission network in Germany, GRTgaz plays a key role in the European gas infrastructure landscape. The company exports its expertise internationally, in particular services developed by its research center, RICE.