Interconnector Limited is the owner and operator of the bi-directional natural gas pipeline, connecting the UK with Belgium and wider European gas markets. Interconnector is a strategic energy link for cross border trade and security of supply.

Our pipeline provides 20 bcm/yr of UK export capacity and 25.5 bcm/year of UK import capacity. This means that when importing at full capacity, Interconnector is able to meet over 25% of annual GB gas demand.
Interconnector is majority owned by Fluxys Group – a fully independent energy infrastructure group. Headquartered in Belgium, Fluxys has assets in Europe and South America, engaged in gas transmission, storage and LNG terminalling activities.

Interconnector, along with the wider Fluxys Group is actively engaged in enabling the transition to a hybrid energy future in which carbon-neutral molecules and renewable electricity complement one another in the European energy system.

Building upon our gas transportation business, Interconnector is keen to explore opportunities for cross-border transportation and storage of CO2 and hydrogen between the UK and continental Europe. We believe that as the new energy markets develop, establishing interconnection between these emerging markets from an early stage is critical to achieve economies of scale and foster European co-operation to meet the ambitious decarbonisation targets for the region. As owners and operators of cross-border pipelines we are the ideal partners to work with CCUS and hydrogen projects that will bring about the transformation of the European energy system.

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