MOL Group Vision: We will develop a variety of social infrastructure businesses in addition to traditional shipping businesses, and will meet the evolving social needs including environmental conservation, with innovative technology and services.

MOL Group aims to be a strong and resilient corporate group that provides new value to all stakeholders and grows globally.

MOL Group Environmental Vision: For the next generation on board this planet, the MOL Group will work collaboratively with our partners and stakeholders with creativity to resolve environmental issues. We will continue to provide solutions for issues of high importance such as the preservation of the marine environment, protection of biodiversity and prevention of air pollution, and in order to tackle climate change with utmost urgency, the MOL Group will make a concerted effort to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050. With these contributions for the sustainable development of our society and the preservation of nature, from the blue oceans, we sustain people’s lives and ensure a prosperous future

MOL Group aims to build a world leading CO₂ carriage service. It has partnered with Larvik Shipping, the only current liquid CO₂ cargo shipping operator. It has developed designs of multiple hull forms for liquid CO₂ carriers, conducted comparative studies of onboard vessel CO₂ separation and capture methods. MOL has agreed working partnerships with a range of CO₂ capture and CO₂ sequestration projects.