Pace are the leading global engineering consultancy to the CCS industry, with aspirations to remain at the forefront of the industry as it rapidly grows. We supply multidisciplinary engineering, covering the full CCS chain from conceptual through to start-up support. We have direct experience with dozens of CCS projects worldwide, led by a large team of CCS experts with a broad skillset.

Pace are the world leaders in modelling CO2 fluids (with impurities), developing CO2 specifications and engineering solutions to manage Joule-Thomson cooling in wells. We deliver public and private CCS training courses. We have a software team with a CCS digital twin model that integrates surface and subsurface covering the full CCS chain. We are involved with, and lead, many CCS industry projects. We invest in second-generation carbon capture technology. We deliver pioneering research to the CCS industry.

Pace are available to help any CCS project make the journey from idea to reality. We are a practical, communication-focused engineering company, and world experts in this field.