Peel NRE, part of Peel L&P, is at the heart of the nation’s activity around clean growth and the circular economy – helping the UK achieve net zero by 2050 and supporting regional emergency targets.

Peel NRE re-uses, re-purposes and re-energises natural resource to develop and maintain vital infrastructure across the UK and are experts in:

• Renewable energy
• District heating
• Waste to energy
• Water management
• Material management
• Asset management
• EV charging
• Energy Parks

Its Protos Cheshire energy and resource hub leads the way in low carbon energy and waste management with deployment of innovative technologies including the UK’s first plastic-to-hydrogen facility, a 50MW wind farm, a 21.5MW biomass plant, a 49MW energy from waste plant in construction and a plastic park blueprint to revolutionise plastic recycling national wide.

Peel NRE propose to introduce shared CO₂ infrastructure at Protos, whereby CO₂ could be aggregated and transported across Protos for onward exportation to CCS infrastructure envisaged by the HyNet North West project.

The Peel NRE planned CO₂ network could transport 800,000 tonnes of captured CO₂ emissions each year, but the CO₂ network will also create carbon-capture ready destination, setting the blueprint for a net zero energy cluster.

Peel NRE has commenced work to create a strategic CO₂ hub at a local level, this will avoid the need for costly and complex individual connections to the regional carbon capture pipeline. It will create a carbon-capture ready destination for businesses looking to become net zero. The project will safeguard the future potential of bringing liquified CO₂ – from other operations in the North West and neighbouring regions, that are not able to connect to the planned regional carbon capture pipeline.

The Protos CO₂ network would connect to the regional CO₂ pipeline, being developed as part of HyNet North West.