Storegga is an independent developer of full-chain, low-carbon solutions including industrial carbon capture & storage (CCS), and hydrogen. Focused on helping industrial emitters reduce their carbon impacts we develop projects that encourage clean growth and contribute to a net zero economy.

Our founders were integral to the earliest work on carbon capture and storage in the UK. Since 2007 we have been leveraging experience from the offshore oil and gas sector to screen, identify and develop safe geological storage for industrial carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. We are the lead developer of Acorn CCS - a transportation and storage system which reuses oil and gas infrastructure to transport CO2 emissions from industrial capture projects in the Scottish Cluster. Acorn CCS will use geological storage sites 2.5 km under the North Sea and approximately 100 km offshore from St. Fergus in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Storegga is a private company backed by Macquarie Group, GIC, Mitsui & Co. Ltd., M&G Investments, and Snam. We have a presence in the UK, Europe, North America and Singapore.