Net Zero Festival 2023


Net Zero Festival 2023

Posted on: August 31st, 2023 by ccsaEditor

Join BusinessGreen for this year’s Net Zero Festival taking place on 31 October – 1 November at the Business Design Centre in London.

The event will feature a stellar line-up of keynote speakers, engaging panel discussions, interactive workshops, and countless networking opportunities. You’ll be at the forefront of the latest trends, innovations, and strategies driving the transition to a sustainable future.

For more information please visit the conference website.

CCS4G Symposium 2023

Posted on: July 17th, 2023 by ccsaEditor

Organised by the Geoscience Energy Society of Great Britain.

In many ways the CCS world with its wells, reservoirs and sealing cap-rocks will be familiar to GESGB members. However, in other ways it will be quite different. The twin necessities of driving costs down and ensuring long-term public safety will demand collaboration and openness like never before.

Following the success of the first symposium last year, in response to demand from the GESGB membership, we have scheduled this one-day symposium on the geoscience aspects of geological CO2 storage. The conveners are soliciting oral presentations from industry experts to meet the goal of offering deep technical insights into G&G topics pertinent to CCS.

If you are a petroleum-geoscientist considering ‘what next’ in a changing world, this event is designed for you. CCS is essential in meeting the worlds Net Zero targets. The anticipated exponential growth of CCS projects worldwide will need a major effort to re-purpose skills from the oil and natural gas industry.


Find more info here.

Decentralised Energy Conference

Posted on: June 26th, 2023 by ccsaEditor

Organised by The Association for Decentralised Energy.

The theme for our 2023 conference is the Great British Energy Debates. Join us as we bring together expert presenters and panellists to share their views on the hottest energy topics of our time.

As a General Election approaches, we’ll debate the role politics will play in the future of our sectors going forward. What can we expect from a new Government, of whichever colour, and how far does major policy across decentralised energy now have a momentum all of its own? We will also debate the importance of nearer term targets and their impetus for change – whether that be the 2035 target to fully decarbonise the electricity system or the upcoming, and at risk, 6th Carbon Budget.

We’ll also look at the important innovations we’ve seen in response to the crisis and that continue to push our sector forward – often beyond what the consensus considered was possible. As we begin to regulate the heat and flexibility sectors and existing energy regulation comes under ever greater scrutiny, how do we find a new balance and can regulation in some circumstances support greater innovation?

And finally, it will look at some of the big questions the energy crisis has left us with and that will become even more pressing as we get deeper into the transition – including how much should we pay as a country to avoid blackouts and how much should we be prepared to risk to avoid a gold-plated, unaffordable system?

Visit the conference website here.

Innovation Zero

Posted on: May 4th, 2023 by ccsaEditor

Innovation Zero is the biggest business event launch of 2023, fully endorsed by the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, Chaired by the Rt. Hon Dr Liam Fox MP and partnered with the UK Government. It’s a heavyweight event. We are the platform for action positioned between the policy focused COP events. Incredibly, it’s free-to-attend, and access-all-areas. The type of content and event that usually costs £2000+ for a pass.
The world class speaker programme puts policymakers next to innovators, who need the funding to scale up the commercialisation of low carbon solutions so that leaders from public and private sectors can deploy decarbonisation solutions in their supply chains to hit the UK legal target of emissions reductions.

Innovation is the best weapon in the fight against climate change and we shine the light on new solutions from the Energy, Transport, Industrials, Finance and the Built Environment sectors.

Global problems require global solutions, Innovation Zero will bring together international leaders spearheading the low carbon transformation.

How to Register:
You can register to attend for free here.

Please contact Marketing Executive Agaba Banya directly if you have any questions:

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Posted on: April 24th, 2023 by ccsaEditor

Joint Launch Event: Policy@Manchester, CBI Economics, CCSA & CCUS APPG

Posted on: March 15th, 2023 by ccsaEditor

‘Capturing the Carbon Opportunity’ is a joint report by Policy@Manchester, The University of Manchester’s policy engagement unit, and CBI Economics (Confederation of British Industry).

The report examines the role that carbon capture and storage can play in the UK’s goal to reach net zero by 2050 and aims to help accelerate the UK’s decarbonisation mission by exploring the potential of CCS.

Join the CCSA, CCUS APPG, Policy@Manchester and CBI Economics in attending a breakfast reception in the Terrace Pavilion, House of Commons on Tuesday 18th of April 08:00-11:00 to discuss the important findings of this report and network with key industry figures with common interests.

The breakfast reception will be held in the House of Commons on the 18th of April. The schedule will include:

Complimentary breakfast and tea and coffee will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there!

Register here

Energy Storage Strategy Online Launch Event

Posted on: February 23rd, 2023 by ccsaEditor

Join SGN and our project partners DNV and Cadent on Wednesday 15th March 10:00-11:00 for an online event to showcase the progress and development of the Energy Storage Strategy.

The Energy Storage Strategy is an important initiative that will help identify a hydrogen and wider gaseous energy storage approach for the UK.

The Energy Storage Strategy project is a partnership between gas networks SGN and Cadent, and leading energy consultancy DNV, that has investigated the past, present and future role of gas storage in the UK energy landscape, including an assessment of the potential role of hydrogen storage. The study looked at the requirements for storage in an extreme weather scenario, modelling the decarbonisation direction through electrification or hydrogen for heat, and the next steps for supporting hydrogen storage to achieve binding climate change targets.

This launch event will provide an overview of the five key conclusions of the project, which are:

  1. To meet net zero the UK will require considerable energy storage.
  2. Hydrogen storage will be a major and essential part of this.
  3. Physical hydrogen storage is needed in the UK.
  4. Only geological hydrogen storage can deliver at the scale needed within the timescales for net zero.
  5. Geological hydrogen storage should be supported through a viable business model now, to ensure it can be available in the 2030s.

The project findings make clear that the development of hydrogen storage is a no-regrets option for energy system resilience, required regardless of heat decarbonisation pathway. Our launch event will further explain these findings and provide recommendations on the urgency and funding of storage implementation in the UK. We look forward to welcoming you there.

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DNV’s Energy Transition: Outlook The future of the energy transition in Scotland

Posted on: February 22nd, 2023 by ccsaEditor

Which are the most promising technologies, how will the energy mix develop, and how do we turn talk into action to curb emissions and create new opportunities?

Get answers to these and many other questions at this seminar where we will be joined by experts from across the energy industry.

DNV’s UK Energy Transition Outlook, provides a detailed forecast of the demand and supply of energy towards 2050. It covers primary supply, infrastructure and associated CAPEX costs for the integrated UK system. Frank Ketelaars, Project Director for the UK ETO will present the key findings from this latest research.

Ronnie Quinn, Chief Executive, NECCUS will provide their view on how this forecast and UK ambitions compare with their assessment on likely developments in Scotland for offshore wind, hydrogen production and carbon capture and storage – both in terms of projects but also impact on the local job market.

The two presentations will be followed by a panel discussion, which will focus on the overall UK development trends, and what this means specifically for Scotland.

Speakers and panellists include:

When: 30 March 2023, 09:00-11:00

Where: P&J Live, East Burn Road, Aberdeen, AB21 9FX, Scotland

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Testing of open and commercial solvents at Waste-to-Energy plants Webinar

Posted on: February 9th, 2023 by ccsaEditor

The ACT project NEWEST-CCUS aims to accelerate the development and deployment of CO2 capture technologies that are tailored for effective operation at Waste-to-Energy  (WtE) plants. In the project, amine solvents were tested at WtE plants and at plants under conditions relevant for WtE. One of the tested solvents was the well-known APBS CDRMax solvent, a proprietary solvent from NEWEST-CCUS project partner Carbon Clean. The webinar will address the execution of the campaigns, the results that were obtained and discuss the performance of the tested solvents.

Chair: Peter van Os, TNO


Register here

Future Energy Transition

Posted on: November 15th, 2022 by ccsaEditor

Join us at Future Energy Transition digital conference on 6 December to explore digital innovation and sustainability for the oil & gas sector. We will be engaging with leading operators and innovators in the oil & gas industry, including representatives from bp, Chevron, Equinor, Repsol, Saudi Aramco, Shell, TotalEnergies and more – to discuss both existing and potential pathways to achieve emissions reductions and help build a sustainable future.

As a Future Energy Transition Supporting Partner, CCSA has 20 free event passes to distribute to our members. REGISTER HERE with the event code CCSAFREE to secure your pass. Passes are allocated on a first come first served basis.