First customer announced for Kellas Midstream’s H2NorthEast Teesside hydrogen project


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First customer announced for Kellas Midstream’s H2NorthEast Teesside hydrogen project

Posted on: November 29th, 2023 by ccsaEditor

Markets and Mandates – How best to drive pace in CCS deployment?

Posted on: November 28th, 2023 by ccsaEditor

Markets and Mandates: How best to drive pace in CCS deployment?

A new briefing paper: Briefing Note. Markets and Mandates – How best to drive pace in CCS deployment out today from the CCSA, Oxford Net Zero and the Carbon Balance Initiative kicks off work to explore the role of markets and mandates in driving CCS in order to reach net zero by 2050.  The briefing has been developed based on existing positions in the spirit of posing questions and prompting discussion and feedback.  This paper is deliberately designed to not reach any conclusive positions at this stage.

Focusing particularly on policy options for scaling up CO2 storage, the paper sets out three key types of policy mechanism and drills into one potential option: a carbon takeback / storage obligation.

This briefing paper will form the basis of a roundtable that the three parties are holding during COP 28 in Dubai, to explore the issues and considerations around market and mandate measures, in order to identify the key questions and suggest a scope for later economic modelling work that we hope will be taken forward as part of the wider industry workplan, following the publication of the CCUS Vision work anticipated next month.

If you are interested in finding out more about the CCSA’s work on markets and mandates, please contact Rebecca Bell (

Ed Miliband MP Addresses CCUS Industry as CCSA Elects Tom Glover as New Chair

Posted on: November 24th, 2023 by ccsaEditor

The CCSA is delighted to announce the appointment of Tom Glover, UK Country Chair for RWE, as new Chair to its Board of Directors, alongside seven new Directors. With 15 nominees from across the membership vying for seven board positions, the CCSA extended its appreciation to all candidates for their outstanding applications. For more details on the Association’s board members, please visit the ‘People’ section on the CCSA website. 

Ed Miliband MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, welcomed as guest speaker at the CCSA’s Annual General Meeting, delivered an impactful speech on the potential for carbon capture and storage, emphasising that CCUS is a fundamental part of the UK’s journey to net zero and reiterated Labour’s commitment to the development of the CCUS industry. 

Tom Glover, new elected Chair of the CCSA, said,  

It is a huge privilege to have been elected as Chair of the CCSA at such a pivotal time for the industry’s advancement.  I am eager to leverage my knowledge and experience as the Country Chair for RWE to lead the CCSA Board, alongside other exceptional directors from across the industry.” 

“The CCSA stands as a leading champion for the CCUS Industry, and I am enthusiastic about guiding the Association through the next phase of development to decarbonise our energy sources and industrial regions and deliver net zero across the UK and Europe. While we have made significant progress in recent years, there is still much work ahead, and I’m excited about leading the industry to deliver this.”   

Jonathan Briggs, the departing Chair of the CCSA, said,  

“I am honoured to have had the opportunity to serve as the Chair of the CCSA and work alongside dedicated professionals from across industry and contribute to the significant milestones achieved by the Association. The progress made in advancing CCUS initiatives, both nationally and internationally, is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the CCSA and its members.” 

“I extend my congratulations to Tom Glover, the newly elected Chair, and the incoming members of the Board of Directors. I am confident that their leadership and expertise will guide the CCSA to even greater success in the future.” 

Ruth Herbert, CEO of the CCSA, said, 

“I am immensely proud to reflect on the achievements of the CCSA over the past year, and I extend my congratulations to the newly appointed chair Tom Glover and new members of our Board of Directors and thank our outgoing Chair, Jonathan Briggs for all his hard work and dedication in driving the industry forwards.” 

“This year has seen extraordinary milestones for the CCUS industry. As we welcome the new members to the Board and our new CCSA Chair, I am confident that their collective expertise will ensure the delivery of our continued success. Together, we remain steadfast in our commitment to accelerating the deployment of CCUS to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.” 



Notes to Editors  

Newly-elected CCSA Directors: 

CCUS, or Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage, is a key low carbon solution – vital to meeting the UK’s statutory Net Zero target at least cost. CCUS enables the production of clean power, clean products (such as steel and cement) and clean hydrogen – which can then be used to decarbonise heating and transport. In addition, CCUS also enables greenhouse gas removal from the atmosphere through Direct Air Capture with Storage (DACS) or Bioenergy with CCS (BECCS).    

The Carbon Capture Storage Association (CCSA) is the trade association promoting the commercial deployment of CCUS. We work with members, governments and other organisations to ensure CCUS is developed and deployed at the pace and scale necessary to meet net zero goals and deliver sustainable growth across regions and nations.    

The CCSA currently has 116 member companies who are active in exploring and developing different applications of carbon capture, CO2 transportation by pipeline and ship, utilisation, geological storage, and other permanent storage solutions, as well as members from management, legal and financial consulting sectors. 

For media enquiries, please contact     

To find out more about the CCSA, please visit the CCSA website at     

Tom Glover, new elected Chair of the CCSA: 

CCSA Blog: Carbon Capture & Storage at Party Conferences: Capturing the Conversation, by Joe Butler-Trewin, Senior Public Affairs & Communications Officer, CCSA

Posted on: November 15th, 2023 by ccsaEditor

Party conferences are strange beasts. Thousands of stakeholders convening in one place, all in a hectic scramble to influence both serving & prospective governments. This year was no exception, but the question lingers: were they actually listening?

In 2022, the Carbon Capture & Storage Association (CCSA) attended the Labour & Conservative Party Conferences, adopting a modest approach to engagement. While we achieved some success, it was clear that neither Labour nor the Tories fully grasped the immense potential of Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Storage (CCUS) in achieving their net zero ambitions: creating and saving jobs across our industrial heartlands and boosting inward investment into our economy. Determined to be heard, we resolved to return with even greater vigour, waving the flag for CCUS.

This year, alongside colleagues from eight of the UK’s ever growing number of CCUS Industrial Clusters, we embarked on the most ambitious political engagement programme the UK CCUS industry has ever seen. With our collective aim in sight, we made our way to Manchester & Liverpool, to ensure that we captured the CCUS opportunity.

Here are some thoughts on what we saw.

Conservative Party Conference – One year in, has Rishi made his mark on a net zero energy sector?

In his net zero speech this summer, Sunak quoted the Climate Change Committee in saying “you don’t reach net zero simply by wishing it.” Yet despite finally seeing (severely delayed) progress to the CCS deployment in the UK, it is fair to say that as we arrived in Manchester for what could potentially be the Conservatives’ last conference before a general election, we weren’t holding our breath for any bold moves from the PM.

Alas, the atmosphere in Manchester seemed somewhat downtrodden – the conference hall was hardly more than half full, seeing a cabinet minister was a rarity, and indeed many MPs simply didn’t attend at all. Was this really the pre-election conference of the UK’s traditional governing party?

Yet there was hope. MPs, party members and businesses alike were significantly more positive than they had been the year before in the dying days of the Truss administration. While not everything was rosy for those wearing blue rosettes (cancelling HS2 whilst in Manchester might not have been the smartest move), there was a clear ambition to ‘get the job done’ in transitioning to net zero. We heard this first-hand when Claire Coutinho MP, the recently appointed Secretary of State for Energy Security & Net Zero, visited our exhibition stand and reiterated the government’s commitment to CCUS and rollout of four CCUS Industrial Clusters by 2030.

The Conservative messaging on net zero was confusing, to say the least. We must not forget what this government has already delivered in establishing the UK as a CCUS leader, with four clusters in development, the biggest piece of energy legislation in over a decade, and £20bn earmarked for the development of CCUS technology. The Tories have put in the hard graft in delivering these enormous milestones, and I’d urge the Prime Minister to stay on course, get spades in the ground and take the credit the Party rightly deserves.

Labour Party Conference – Ready for power, but are they ready to deliver a just transition?

Arriving in Liverpool we felt a different energy in the air. This is a party that can see the finish line in sight and exuded confidence going into the next election. With over 15,000 delegates in attendance, the conference buzzed with energy. The CCSA stand welcomed visits from dozens of MPs, including Ed Miliband, Rachel Reeves, and the new Shadow Minister for Industry and Decarbonisation, Sarah Jones. It was clear by just skimming through the list of exhibitors and the dozens of fringe events that the big-ticket item of the conference was energy security and net zero. Forget ‘education, education, education’, 2023 was the year of ‘energy, energy, energy’.

While Labour proudly presented its plans for what many within the party deem to be the inevitable orientation of a Labour Government, a question loomed – were they going to have the courage to make their policies happen?

Labour spoke all the right words, but there is a lot of work to do. Alan Whitehead has been an obvious champion for the sector but as he comes toward the end of his parliamentary career, we will be looking to the shadow Energy and Business team to take up the mantle as Labour’s industrial decarbonisation champions. We had positive engagement with Ed Miliband, Johnny Reynolds and Sarah Young and will be looking to them to drive development of CCUS from within the Labour ranks.

If the Labour Party aspires to be the government that truly delivers the UK’s energy transition, they must surpass the government’s CCUS commitments and unleash the potential of our industrial heartlands.

Red or blue: the future looks bright for CCUS.

Party conferences are a double-edged sword for organisations trying to engage with political parties. They offer fantastic opportunities to connect with stakeholders, but also reveal the extent of competition for attention. Despite the political uncertainty and deployment challenges we face, we leave party conference season confident that CCUS remains a critical part of both major parties’ strategies for delivering a net zero Britain.

Liquid Wind and industry leaders solidify partnership to accelerate eFuel production capacity

Posted on: November 9th, 2023 by ccsaEditor